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When we spoke to home-grown Gourmet Chefs…

Home chefs or Super moms, however you want to call them, are very inspiring! They look after the home (which is a daunting task in itself), family and also pursue their passion of cooking. We believe these women are inspired by cooking shows, cook books, cooking blogs and of course their inborn art of cooking. With now, access to most sophisticated cooking technology and methods the home cooks end up trying every dish from nose to tail. Some fail, while some don’t give up and keep trying, master the skill and inspire others. We spoke to a couple of such master chefs who can whip up a five star styled meals without an ooh aah!

The most indispensable ingredient of all home cooking is love for those you cook for…

All her close friends and relatives will agree with me when I say the first thing that comes to my mind, when I hear the name, Gazeena Sulu Kunhamed is “Entreme”! A classical French dessert, which she specializes in, a chocolate coffee dessert with layers of cake, coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache. Strongly believes there is lack of awareness in the city about French desserts.  An amateur, who learnt to make tea and egg from her husband, today, can make as many versions of each. Learnt by trial and error method, cooking tips from friends and of course husband’s palette.  Not just French desserts, but this super mom is also known for her Malabar cooking & cakes.

With suggestions from friends and family, Sweet Life from Sulu’s Kitchen came alive, where she regularly posts her creative cooking and takes orders from. She uses best quality ingredients in her cooking, mostly imported from Dubai. Regularly bakes delicious cakes for her customers and takes every suggestion seriously. Loves music and dance, says even on a romantic date, she would make a Malabar main course, because the cuisine is very close to her heart and has amazing flavors. Gazeena conducts French Baking classes on demand and choose to go with the flow in life both personally and professionally!

Quick tip: Keep all ingredients at room temperature before baking and always use trusted brands.

People who love to cook are always the best people…

Another super mom, with a huge fan base on Facebook page, Mubilicious, Mubeen Sultana, no less than a star cook, lives in Ajman,UAE and loves Indian cooking.

It all started when a friend added her to a food group on Facebook, where she started posting her recipes, to which she had tremendous response. With the love and feedback from her followers, ‘Mubilicious” is what and where it is today. She specializes in all kinds of cooking, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, Arabian and French in all cooking methods.

Her most demanding customers are her children, who are fussy eaters and keep her on her toes. That has been a learning experience for Mubeen, who now makes flawless and customized cooking. Her dream is to host a cooking show on TV and also write a book or a recipe compilation of her creative cooking.

Cook it, style it, capture it and upload it…….

“Software Engineer by profession and blogging by passion”, this is how Jofy Abraham loves calling herself. She is the author of the blog Foodie Adam Cookie Eve (cookie Eve born out of a foodie Adam). She says it all started post wedding when she had a great interest in cooking and used to refer a lot of blogs, and look up various cooking techniques. With strong support and big thumbs up from her better half, she pursued her passion in food.

She believes in traditional age old recipes and makes sure every recipe of hers is tried, verified and certified by her friends and family members. Apart from blogging, her love for food also made her to take up commercial food styling assignments gaining her immense recognition from her clientele.

Every newly married wife would definetly love to impress her husband and Jofy feels that her blog would definelty be a firm platform for those new beginners to explore cooking. Her step by step procedure along with their pictures makes it really easy for everyone to follow.

Jofy, also photographs the food she cooks and goes by the mantra – natural light is the best. She carefully chooses her food properties and tries to be unique in her plating style. She would love to explore International cuisines and conduct cooking classes as well in the future.

Quick tips:

  • Always serve the food you make, with love.
  • Make a balanced meal – health and taste.

To these inspiring Super moms, who are reinventing restaurants at home, Kudos from Team Relishious! Keep Rolling!

P.C – Images taken from respective blogs/Fb pages.

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