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Trending Ramadan Iftar Treats in Chennai!

Ramadan is indeed an exciting time spiritually and socially. Treats made for Iftar are very unique and traditional and excites people of all faiths who long for Iftar treats. Now we are well into Ramadan and Iftar war is kind of settling down. In the south, Iftar is a simple affair, tasty kanji (rice porridge) with some fried treats vadas, bajjis, samosas and pakodas. Then cool off with some ‘lemon juice’ as lemonade is called in Southern homes.  The many varieties of ‘kanji’ itself is enough to captivate the people about Iftar and made with long hours of fasting in mind. The Iftar scene in Chennai has become very diverse and many restaurants have started offering Iftar packs to bring more excitement.  Now it’s time to dive deep into what’s inside these Iftar boxes. Of course, you can skip the rest and get a visual treat via the Relishious App. (Andriod|iOS)

SeaShell Iftar Pack @ Rs299

SeaShell is one of first restaurants that started the Iftar pack trend and takes this very seriously. It has nice variety and is truly multi cuisine. You have everything: the healthy – dates & fruits, the thrilling – Hyderabadi Haleem and Shawarma, the tempting – BBQ chicken and Mutton Briyani and the inviting – Paratha and Mutton gravy.  Even for the hungry souls, it’s quite a lot to take. The highlight is the Haleem. Though made of Chicken, it is flavorful.

Zaitoon Iftar in Box @ Rs299

What do you do when you want to add a Mediterranean twist to your iftar?  Zaitoon is quite popular for Arabian delicacies and has quite a popular Iftar pack with its distinct flavor. Instead of your Briyani, try Kozi rice with Laham, Kuboos with chicken gravy, Shawarma roll. Of course, you will get Hyderabadi Haleem and samosa/snack as well.

Palmshore Iftar Pack@ Rs299

Mutton Mandi anybody? This simple flavorful rice is a specialty at Plamshore. It has won over many hearts in the recent times. Add this with people’s love for Arabian grape juice and the famed Qubani Ka Meetha (Apricot Sweet), that’s the highlight of Palmshore’s Iftar pack. Of course there is more to it including Haleem.

Spoonbill Street Food Iftar @ Rs230

Life is all about choices. Why not for Iftar? How about Street Food iftar that goes beyond Hyderabad and brings global street food on your Iftar platter. With Chicken Empanada, Momos, Bread Pakora, Muttai Bajji(Egg Bajji), Masala Channa; it is not your regular Iftar. Of course, you get dates, fruits and fresh juice. Sure giving a miss to Haleem, once in few days, makes it more refreshing!

Daawat-a-Biryani Home style Iftar Pack @ Rs295

Every now and then, we fall back to this well know paradigm – simple is beautiful. It’s not just simple, home style is what our heart craves for when in need of a good detox from eating out! Nigar Sultana’s famous for Biryani, Daawat comes to your rescue. Home style Haleem as your mom makes at home with Kheema Samosas, Chicken Roll, Kebab with Phrini (Sooji pudding) and Iced lemon tea. Nothing fancy – simple, homemade and light on your stomach. If you like simple style, then you may not be disappointed.

Copper Kitchen OMG! Iftar Pack @ Rs199

You don’t go for this, because it is cheap. But for the lip-smacking Mutton Biryani and Kothu Parotha that is complemented well with Haleem, Chicken Kebab, and other additions. This Iftar pack really stands out in many ways – it’s aimed at taste buds of the South, priced right for frequent indulge and standsout from its bigger cousins.  This Ramadan is your chance to try this little treat.

Zamrud Economy Iftar Pack @ Rs149

Hey, don’t you miss the Nonbu Kanji  (rice porridge)? Here comes Zamrud with kanji and right assortments – Samosa, Snacks, etc. Of course, you have shawarma roll with pickle veggies to jazz it up.  The newest Arabian restaurant blends tradition with trend and treats your taste buds.

Firdouse  iftar Pack @ Rs299

Biryani and kebab is your main stay, then added with some sandwich and roll from Firdouse. The Haleem appears to be different variant. In the tough world of Iftar packs, Firdouse is not the star but if you are not keen on Haleem and like Kebab, this is something you would want to check out.

Pista House Haleem

This is the big daddy of Haleem, famed all over the world! Gone are the days, it’s a rarity delivered from Hyderabad. Now you have chance to taste it at various outlets throughout Chennai. Comes neatly packed in various sizes, this is made with mutton and has rich flavor.  By far, this has stayed true to Pista House tradition throughout the years and melts in your mouth.  It’s boneless, but every now and then bones may come as a bonus! :) Enjoy this once a year treat!

Every treat listed above has its own twist. Check these out in the Relishious App (Andriod|iOS) to see what your order would look like and decide which one would suit your taste buds today. Other Iftar treats that are trending this year include Fisherman’s Fare for their Haleem and Hajeera’s Kitchen that does Haleem preorders. Not to mention, there are many small eateries in Royapettah that cook up a storm during Ramadan.  So now that you know what’s hot and happening this Ramadhan, just make a pick and go Relishious!


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