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7 Best Bakeries In Chennai To Experience Love At First Bite

Image of different kinds of Artisan Breads at Bakeries
Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast yields a magic - Artisan Breads

Everybody loves Bakeries! Why? It’s the smell of freshly baked bread, cookies and cakes. The aroma draws you in to the bakery and makes it impossible for you to leave without at least one little indulgence. Let’s face it; these beauties make life much more tolerable. So we’ve put together a list of seven must-try bakeries you should visit this week to experience love at first bite. Let the gluttony begin!

Old Madras Baking Company

Image of different kinds of Artisan Breads
Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast yields a magic – Artisan Breads

Old Madras Baking Company is the go-to place in Chennai for Artisan Breads. They don’t use preservatives, chemicals or even margarine in the goodies they offer. Even though they have limited options, they are all melt-in-the-mouth and they’re sold out before evening. I love their crumbly Banana Bread. It has hints of cinnamon and the moist texture the bananas give the bread is to die for.

Must Try: Banana Bread, Chocolate Croissant, Nutella Brioche, Danish Custard, Danish Blueberry and their regular range of artisan breads.

Price for two: 400 INR

Address: 279, TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai (They have three other outlets as well)

Phone: 044-42084422


Winner’s Bakery:

Image of Pineapple upside down cake
Upside Down!

I love their savory bakes so much more than their pastries (but they’re pretty good too). You’ll be spoilt for choice at Winner’s Bakery because almost everything they have to offer is amazing. Their Veg Garden Puff is golden, flaky and comes with white sauce on top. Their Broccoli Pepper and Cheese Roll is mouth-watering and it gives you the feeling of eating healthy (Wink, wink). The Cheese Onion Pie is nearly addictive, if you have it once, you’ll start having regular cravings for it. Their Chocolate Mousse is creamy, rich and sinful. Their Pineapple Upside Down cake and coconut cookies are to die for too.

Must Try: Coconut Cookies, Veg Garden Puff, Chicken Rolls, Broccoli Pepper and Cheese roll, Chocolate Mousse, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Cheese and Onion Pie

Price for two: 300 INR

Address: 15A/9, C. V. Raman Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

Phone: 044 45535262

Baker Street at Jonah’s

Image of Escargots
Chocolate Escargots

Baker Street operates as a standalone bakery in Pondicherry but in Chennai, their baked goodies are available across all of Jonah’s outlets. My favorite here is their heavenly, light and fluffy Chocolate Escargot. Once you take your first bite of this French spiral pastry, your life will never be the same.  Their Rich and Creamy Cheesecake and jewel-confectionery Macaroons are good too.

Must Try: Chocolate Escargot, Cheesecake, Macaroons (6 flavors) and Palmier

Price for two: 400 INR

Address: 147/9, 2nd Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai (They have three other outlets as well)

Phone: 044 30853866


Smithfield Bakery

Image of Salted butter biscuits indian
A tea kadai companion!

You get one of the best Bun Butter Jam in the city here, they taste exceptional. Their Coconut Bun is simple and soft with a spoonful of delicious filling in the middle. Their range of biscuits is wonderful as well, especially their dreamy, melt-in-your-mouth Salt Butter Biscuits.

Must Try: Salt Butter Biscuits, Coconut Bun, Bun Butter Jam

Price for two: 250 INR

Address: 130, PB Road, Purasavakkam, Chennai

Phone: +91 9884600232

Gopaul Dairy

Image of Bun, Butter and jam
As simple as Bun, Butter and Jam

Gopaul Dairy sells the earth-shattering best Bun Butter Jam in the city. They have been selling single filling, double filling and triple filling bun butter jam for more than five decades and the quality till date remains the same. They open at 10:30 AM and get sold out before 1 PM, so you better head to Gopaul Diary a little early if you want to grab a couple of these beauties.

Must Try: Varieties of Bun Butter Jam and Butter Milk

Price for two: 100 INR

Address: 2, Philips St, Parry’s Corner, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600001

Phone: 09952954965, 9677 289428


Iyengar Bakeries

Image of Masala Toast, Indian Cuisine
Masala Toast

A visit to any Iyengar Bakery in the city takes me back to my childhood. Even now, there’s at least one Iyengar Bakery in every area. They serve everything from Masala Toast, Burger, Veg rolls and Hot Puffs to Bun Butter Jam and butter cream pastries. What I love about these bakeries is the way the use simple and accessible ingredients to make something utterly delicious. Take their Masala toast for instance; it has a generous spread of a basic gravy made out of carrots, onion, tomato and chilli in between two slices of freshly baked and toasted milk bread.  Their Veg Rolls are made out of bread which is rolled in bread crumbs, filled with dry vegetable gravy and then deep fried.

Must Try: Masala Toast, Veg Roll, Puffs and Pista Butter-cream cake.

Price for two: 100 INR

Tryst Café

Image of Chocolate Eclair pastry
Glistening Chocolate and an oh so creamy inside, Chocolate Eclair

My all-time favourite at Tryst Café is their Chocolate Éclair. The outer layer is crisp and fluffy and there’s a generous filling of luscious and cool chocolate cream on the inside, what more could I possibly ask for? It’s definitely the best in Chennai. Apart from Éclairs, their Strawberry Tart, Banana Tart, Quiches and Profiteroles are pretty good too.

Must Try: Eclairs, Strawberry Tart, Quiches, Croissant, Banana Tart and Profiteroles 

Price for two: 600 INR

Address: 4/359, Gatsby Village, East Coast Road, Neelangarai, Chennai

Phone: 044-64575575


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