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6 Places That Serve Some Great Thai Food In Chennai

Image of Thai food Khao Sui among Thai Food In Chennai
Chicken Khao Soi

Globalization has made the world a village, and millennials are forever seeking new experiences, culinary and otherwise. ‘Chinese’ defined the Indian encounter with Asian food so far, its popularity so far- reaching that every self-respecting Indian restaurant needs to carry ‘ Indian, Tandoori and Chinese’ as a tag line in order to justify its existence. Looking beyond the chop sueys and the manchurians, the Indian palate is now ready to explore the nuances of other kinds of Asian cooking. Thai food is a giant among popular cuisines and people are always on the lookout for an authentic Thai culinary experience. Although just across the Andaman Sea, it is not always convenient to go to Thailand for authentic Thai food. So here’s a quick look at places that serve some delectable Thai food in Chennai.



Image of tahi basil chicken from thai food in chennai
Thai Basil Chicken Lettuce Wrap

The go to place for Thai food in Chennai for almost a decade now, Benjarong maintains its reputation as Chennai’s oldest and most favorite Thai place. A welcoming ambiance, decent service and better food will ensure that you keep coming back.

Meal for two: Rs. 2000  


Absolute Thai:

Image of dish Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The new kid on the block for Thai food, Absolute Thai opened in mid 2015 and seems to be garnering rave reviews among the fooderrati in Chennai. Located on Cenotaph Road, they have an extensive menu of authentic Thai dishes. According to bloggers, their Tom Yum soup, Pad Thai, Kaend Ped, Satay Gai, and Goong Pao are all worth a try, as are most of their desserts.

Meal for two: Rs. 1000


Chap Chay at The Raintree:

Image of Thai food Khao Sui among Thai Food In Chennai
Chicken Khao Soi

Specializing in Pan Asian cuisine, Chap Chay serves Thai along with Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. A unique feature is their buffet that has some set items and a live stir fry counter that allows guests to select their meats, vegetables, sauces and condiments to design a dish that is exactly to their taste. Their dishes featuring lotus stem and tofu have quite a few takers as well as the spicy Basil Fish, Satay and Khao Soi.

Meal for two: Rs. 2000


Lotus at The Park

Image of Water chestnut coconut pudding among Thai food in chennai
Tub Tim Grob, Water Chestnut Coconut Pudding

This place is for you if you are a true blue Thai food enthusiast. With authenticity as their signature, the Lotus has been newly renovated, giving you an additional reason to head over for an exotic, sumptuous meal, be it lunch or dinner. Their set lunch buffet is very nicely priced and has quite a few takers, especially for those looking for a quick business lunch. The tom yum soup, the raw mango salad, the curries and the water chestnut dessert all come highly recommended.

Meal for two: Rs. 3000



Image of Thai spring rolls from Thai food in chennai
Thai Hua Hin Rolls

Positioned primarily as a pan- Asian restaurant, you can be assured of some great Thai dishes at Mamagoto, the hippest address on KNK in the recent past. The only thing that might disappoint is the long wait you will have for a table. The Hua Hin Rolls, the Bangkok Bowl and the Thai Rice Bowl are all finger- licking good. The fact that they come in generous portions makes for a happier meal. They have a wide variety of very interesting mocktails featuring unique flavors like kaffir lime, green apple with basil, pineapple with coconut water, and even a wasabi flavored drink! Their desserts have a dedicated band of fans as well.

Meal for two: Rs.1500


Hip Asia at Vivanta by Taja Connemara 

Image of Chicken in lemon grass from thai food in chennai
Chicken in Lemongrass

Hip Asia holds the promise of a lovely ambiance and fabulous service in addition to some good food, ensuring that your experience with them is a pleasant one. They serve a variety of Vietnamese, Japanese and Malaysian food in addition to Thai. Diced chicken with Lemongrass & Bird’s Eye Chili Sauce, Raw Mango & Water Chestnut Salad, Sliced Fish with Basil & Galangal Sauce and the Lychee Baked Cream stand out as exceptional dishes on their menu.

Meal for two: Rs. 2400

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