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6 Pizza Places In Chennai For Those Cheesy Cravings!


There’s only one answer to all the problems in the world, and it comes in big and small, cheesy and all things nice. Yes, there’s nothing quite like a large slice of pizza waiting for you after a bad day. Be it a game night with the wolf pack, slumber party with your friends or simply a sad and lonely night with your cat – pizza goes with everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re happy and celebrating or sad and sulking, pizza is always the answer. And sometimes, it good to find these answers outside of your apartment as well. Bearing the good will of people out there, here’s a short list of the must try pizza paradises in Chennai.


  1. Tuscana Pizzeria 

Tuscana Edited

Where quality meets quantity, you’re in the right place if you feel like helping yourself to authentic Italian. Even with the mushrooming of restaurants on this street, Tuscana has been a crowd favorite right from the start. If those calories are scaring you, then feel free to go ahead with the whole wheat, multi grain or the gluten free crust without feeling guilty. The variety is not just limited to their crusts, but the toppings as well. Chicken, beef, lamb, seafood and even a Ratatouille pizza – what more can you ask for? Tuscana is the place to be if you wish to make your pizza dreams a reality.

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Locations : Wallace Garden, ECR, Chaimers Road, Shastri Nagar.

Cost : Rs. 1,600 for 2 people.


  1. Bella Ciao 

bella-ciao edited

It literally means “Hello/Goodbye Beautiful”. Now that seems like a good thing to hear after a bad day at work (or school, yes we feel you). You cannot find a better place to sit back and relax with the love of your life, and by that I mean, pizza. Bella Ciao scores on its beach facing location, its tiny little huts and stone tables & benches.  Surprise that special someone with a wood fired pizza and an ambience to die for. Things get real cheesy in here with the four-cheese pizza and their very own ‘Bella Ciao Pizza’. You can never get bored of the sound of waves in the background and their perfectly done pizzas.

Location : Kottivakkam

Cost : Rs. 1,100 for 2 people.


3. Jonahs Meets Chef Willi

American Chicken Pizza
American Chicken Pizza

Once upon a time, Jonah met Willi and the rest is history. Another one of Chef Willi’s creations, this elite space is done for a good catch up with friends or a fun get together with your family. It’s going to be a task to decide which pizza to order considering their exquisite range of pizzas. Go Spanish and order the Spanish pizza or the Tex – Mex Pizza if you feel like Mexican for the day. If you’re in the mood for a Cheese Burger why not have it as a pizza? Yes it exists- the Cheese Burger pizza. And so does Mac and Four Cheese Pizza (it’s a real thing). It’s not every day you come across a pizza menu where everything is Chef’s Special!

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Location : Alwarpet

Cost : Rs. 1,600 for 2 people.



Pizza Rusitca


If you’re a vegetarian and you love pizzas, drive to Alwarpet because Darios just made an entrance. Rumor has it that they make your vegan dreams a reality. Who wants meat when you can have an overload of cheese? Darios has made its mark as one of the best vegetarian and authentic Italian restaurants in the city and it’s already a family favorite.

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Location : Alwarpet

Cost : Rs. 1,200 for 2 people.


5. Wood Fired

Wood Fired Pizza

You had me at wood fired. Breaking the usual trend of a fancy fine dining pizza outlet, this little kiosk has one of the best and pocket friendly pizzas in town. Stationed outside an ice cream parlor and nearby Loyola College, they are available for all your late night pizza binging. Because some days we need those extra calories even post midnight to keep going and that’s why they are open until 3:00 in the morning.

Location : Nungambakkam

Cost : Rs. 600 for 2 people


6. Ox and Tomato

ox and tomato edited
Seafood Pizza

Speaking of pocket friendly and yet divine tasting pizzas, I cannot leave out this small and cozy outlet which serves mouthwatering wood fired pizzas. They call themselves ‘a quirky neighborhood New York style pizzeria’. Their ‘Farm’ pizza is the talk of the town, with a crispy thin crust and the right amount of cheese. It should be on the list of every pizza lover in town.

Location : Chetpet, Alwarpet.

Cost : Rs. 800 for 2 people.


So who’s having a pizza party tonight? I know I am.


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