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10 Places To Treat Yourself To Some Good Food This Doctor’s Day

Image of Doctor's Day treats on Relishious

Time to treat you, Doc!

Doctors have a way to heal. Just a visit to the doc makes you feel better even before he prescribes! That does make you Docs kind of a big deal! You’ve sweated it out to be where you are. You deserve to take a break and give yourself a pat for all the good work you’ve been doing. If there’s one thing that boggles me, then that’s your handwriting! :) So here’s to all your hard work to keep us in the pink of health. Some good food from some of the best places in Chennai, handpicked just for you to unwind this Doctor’s day.

p.s. Don’t miss the irresistible treats that some of these places are offering to make your day more special!


Image of screenshot of restaurant Tangerine, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Enjoy a romantic candle light dinner this Friday. Tangerine is famed for its custom selection of Sizzlers. They really take pride in the collections they have. What more, they have something special for this Doctor’s Day. Yes, you can get their signature dessert, Death By Chocolate FREE when you dine in this Friday (July 1, 2016). Find details on this Doctor’s Day Special here.

Image of screenshot of dessert Death By Chocolate taken from Relishious App


Check out Tangerine’s Smart Menu on Relishious that’s got all their Sizzler collections and other good food recommendations.


Salem Mangalam

Image of restaurant Selam Mangalam taken from Relishious App

Looking for some authentic South Indian flavors? Relish some of the best biryanis, parottas and sukkas. It’s truly local! Celebrate this Doctor’s Day with some awesome treats packed with Natu Kozhi flavors and some mouth-watering South Indian dosas for just Rs.600. All this with a FREE soup and dessert! Hurry! Avail this offer form July 1-3 only. Find more details on the Doctor’s Day specials here.

Image of screenshot of Mutton Biryani taken from Relishious App

Get Selam Mangalam’s Smart Menu on Relishious to know all about this special Doctor’s Day Treats.


Thai Food House 

Image of restaurant Thai Food House, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Talking of Thai, the dish that would first occur to anyone is the Pad Thai. But if you’ve indulged in Thai food, you’d fall head over heal for it’s medley of flavors – It’s a lip smacking combo of sweet, spice, sour and tang. Thai Food House in Chennai is all set to rock your day with their Doctor’s Day specials this weekend! From Tom Kha to the Matcha, it’s treats you definitely shouldn’t miss! Meal for 2 @Rs.1100. Find more details on the Doctor’s Day specials here.

Image of screenshot of Pad Thai taken from Relishious App

Get Thai Food House’s Smart Menu on Relishious and explore their mouth-watering treats at discounted prices available on Relishious for only this weekend. (July1-3,2016)


Cream Stone 

Image of restaurant Cream Stone, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Just in case you can’t find the time for a meal, an awesome ice cream could just make your day. Stop by at Cream Stone and enjoy their Doctor’s Day Specials. Four different flavours with four different creations to just melt you down! And all this for just Rs. 350! Find more details on the Doctor’s Day Specials here.

Image of screenshot of Willy Wonka Ice cream taken from Relishious App

Want to know more about these specials? Get Cream Stone’s Smart Menu on Relishious and find all that you can indulge in this Doctor’s Day.



Image of restaurant Nandos taken from Relishious App

When is the last time you checked Peri Peri level in your blood? May be time for some peri peri infusion? Nandos is one of those places that’s sure to spike your curiosity with the kind of cuisines it serves. African and Portuguese isn’t a common sight in Chennai. What do you say? Ready to relish something different? Their juicy Espetadas, 3 bean salads and burgers are not to miss. And ofcourse , don’t forget to get one lick of their condiment sauces. They’re sweet n spicy, sour n tangy – That’s an explosion of flavors you’d simply enjoy!

Image of screenshot of Espeteda taken from Relishious App

This rustic place has lots more you shouldn’t be missing! Get Nando’s Smart Menu on Relishious and start exploring!



Image of restaurant Salt, Chennai from Relishious App


Mood for more Indian food, Doc? How about Salt, in Forum Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani. Not only is the décor neat, they have some amazing dishes curated from all around India.

Fish lovers should check out Tawa Masala Machi. If chicken is your choice, how about Chicken Koli Wada Kebab? Vegetarians can munch on an array of panner varieties, leave alone many South Indian specialities such as Gobi Kembu. Personal favourite for many is the Hyderabadi Nalli. Whatever you try, don’t forget to add your dessert especially the Elaneer Payasam which is a must try here.

Image of screenshot of Hyderabadi Nalli taken from Relishious App

Get Salt’s Smart Menu on Relishious and bookmark all that you’d love to try here.


Jonah’s Meets Chef Willi 

Image of restaurant, Jonah's Meets Chef Willi, Chennai taken from Relishious App

May be your taste buds needs some good treatment. Let the expert chef treat you well. Chef Willi wields his culinary skills at Jonah’s with some unique creations that are absolutely toothsome. With an equally stunning presentation, you’ve got eat first with your eyes! Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls is  a salad in a roll where as the Baked Chicken Florentine is meal on a platter. Desserts and shakes that pair up perfectly with your pastas and pizzas, this is a place you ought to visit for those fusions with some crazy twists!

Image of screenshot of Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls taken from Relishious App

Get Jonah’s Meets Chef Willi’s Smart Menu on Relishious and start exploring to find all that you shouldn’t miss here!


Batlivala & Khanabhoy

Image of restaurant Batlivala Khanabhoy, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Here’s a place that offers authentic Parsi flavors. If you’re in the mood to try something different from your usual picks, Batlivala & Khanabhoy would be the right fit for a meal that’s traditionally packed with unique flavors. Sali Jaradaloo is one such unique curry that’s got chicken cooked with apricots. Lagan Sara Latoo Pattice is a traditional Parsi wedding special made from root veggies and semolina. The names can really leave you quizzed. That’s where Relishious comes to your rescue.

Image of screenshot of Sali Jardaloo Chicken Parsi Curry taken from Relishious App

Get Batlivala’s Smart Menu and catch a glimpse of the food as it would be served. Deep dive and explore more on what each dish is about.


Cupcakes Amore 

Image of restaurant Cupcakes Amore, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Make your evening absolutely sweet at this quaint café. With an array of speciality cupcakes, Cupcakes Amore has a variety of quick bites to offer as well. Their brownies and quiches are definitely not to miss. And if you happen to drop by on a Wednesday, you ought to try their traditional Khow Suey. Pizzas, Hot Dogs, Coffees, Hot Chocolate – Catch up with you doctor buddies, you’ll love this place for it’s ambiance and food.

Image of screenshot of quiche taken from Relishious App

Get Cupcakes Amore’s Smart Menu on Relishious and find all about what you shouldn’t be missing here.


New Yorker

Image of restaurant New Yorker, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Plan a date with all you doctor buddies and enjoy all that this melting pot of cuisines has to offer. New Yorker needs no introduction for the food it serves. Being completely veggie friendly, New Yorker has a big fan following. They just make you forget your meaty cravings! From falafels to burgers, New Yorker’s got them all. You only got to take your appetite along!

Image of screenshot of Italian Sizzler taken from Relishious App

Jazz up your day with their fantastic treats – The Sizzle & Shake Treat and The Pasta Fiesta Treat. Explore these treats on New Yorker’s Smart Menu on Relishious. You could also read more about these treats here.



Image of restaurant Dario's, Chennai taken from Relishious App

A place to sit back, relax and enjoy some authentic Vegetarian Italian fares. A stunning ambiance with both indoor and outdoor seating, Dario’s is a great place for anything official to a perfect casual hangout spot with your doctor buddies! Armed with an extensive menu that covers wholesome salads, pastas, risottos, desserts and more, Relishious is here to help you with all the names that you just can’t comprehend!

Image of screenshot of Pizza Rustica taken from Relishious App

Get Dario’s Smart Menu on Relishious and explore images, details of dishes as they are served. You don’t need to google them anymore. Make a confident pick and simply relish.

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