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Ratatouille – The Colorful Flavors Of Summer


Made famous by an animated movie of the same name, Ratatouille comes from the French cuisine.

Ratatouille is a stewed vegetable dish which is usually made in summers when you get fresh summer vegetables. This beautiful dish is uses tomatoes as a base and has host of varied veggies like the zucchini, egg plant, bell peppers and some more. Spiced with fennel, garlic, onions and basil gives it a rustic flavor. Each vegetable is separately sauteed before being layered on the dish and baked. Famous American Chef, Julia Child made the ratatouille with the layering approach which is how most Ratatouille’s are now made. Chef Steps shows us how this much famed dish is made and a bit of creativity for all the crazier versions!

At Jonah’s in Chennai, you can get an authentic Ratatouille which will leave a burst of flavors in your mouth. Eat it as a side dish or make a meal out of it with pasta, bread or rice, Ratatouille A La Jonah’s will not disappoint you.


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