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Railway Chicken Curry – A Legacy From India’s Colonial Times

Railway Chicken Curry Screen Shot
Railway Chicken Curry

The Railway Chicken Curry, a famous fare from the east of India that’s been around for more than 50 years. The history of the Railway Chicken Curry dates back to the British era when the only source for long journeys was railways. The First Class Railway carriages were no less than grand and plush chariots with kitchens serving fabulous food.

Bengal was one of the first footholds for the British and they had hired local cooks for preparing their scrumptious spreads. Here’s where a famous dish from every Bengali home, Mangshore Jhol; a curry made with mutton chunks entered the Britishers menu in the form of the Railway Chicken Curry. Served in the pantries of the First class carriages along with rice or dinner rolls was this dish which was originally spicy. It was toned down to suit the delicate palate of the Britishers by adding coconut milk to dilute the spices. And adding vinegar or tamarind juice prevented this dish from going stale during long journeys. Get a taste of this classical chicken curry from the colonial times that’s packed with mouth bursting flavors at Salt, Vadapalani.

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