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Pathrani Bhasa – Parsi Flavors Wrapped In A Leaf

Pathrani Bhasa
Pathrani Bhasa

Pathrani Bhasa, bringing you the Parsi flavors is Cleos in Chennai

Time long past, across the countries of the tropics like India, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America etc where there have been plenitude of banana plantations, locals enjoyed its fruits along with learning to use it’s leaves as a medium for cooking. Other than being used as a platter to serve food, banana leaves have widely been used as a wrapper for food that would then be grilled or steamed. Other than ease, the banana leaf adds a whole new flavor to the wrapped food. This cooking method is commonly used for cooking fish.

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Pathrani Machi which literally means fish cooked in a leaf is one such Parsi delicacy where fish fillets are marinated in a green paste and steamed in banana leaves. It is said that a Parsi wedding remains incomplete without this dish. The fish that’s traditionally used to make this dish is a pomfret, a sea water fish. The marinade is mix of coriander, mint leaves that gives it a green color along with grated coconut and ginger-garlic-onion paste.

Bringing this taste of Parsis to you is Cleos with Pathrani Bhasa. Basa is a fresh water fish with loads of yumminess. Its flesh is very tender and literally unravels in your hands when cooked well. Cleos marinates the fish in the delicious green marinade giving it a lovely taste which will linger in your mouth. This mildly spiced fish is great as a starter and will leave you satiated for all the seafood craving you have been having for everything fishy!

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