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Macaroons – A Perfect Little Sweet Bite

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Known to have originated in an old Italian monastery, the monks came to France in 1533 and collaborated with the pastry chefs employed at King Henri II’s palace. An interesting anecdote talks of two nuns who took asylum with King Henri II and paid their dues by baking beautiful macaroons and pastries, giving them the name ‘Macaroon Sisters’.

Macaroons are a cake like dessert usually bite sized and  traditionally made with almond paste. Macaroons have traveled all over the world bringing different variations in every nation it has been to. In India, Mangalore Macaroons are well known and are made with cashew paste and egg whites. Over time, coconut was added to it giving it a distinct taste and making coconut macaroons one of the most loved macaroons of all. Bite into fresh beautiful macroons which come in different flavors, chocolate, strawberries and other delicious flavors at Cupcakes Amore.

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