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Lasagne Bolognese – Traditionally Italian

Image of Lasagne Bolognese taken from Relishious App

Of the many theories about the Lasagne is this – you won’t believe if I were to say it all started with a pan! The word Lasagna originates from the word ‘Lasagnum’ in Greek which referred to pan or dish they used for baking. The Romans soon came up with a recipie of layered pasta with fillings in between and cooked it in the ‘Lasagnum’. This dish became quite popular and the Italians renamed it as what we call today as, Lasagne. This Italian pasta dish is made layer by layer. Layers of pasta sheets, meat, veggies and obviously cheese! With all the carbs and proteins, this is a complete meal on its own!


image of screenshot of lasagna bolognese at Tangerine taken from Relishious App

You could relish some Lasagne in Chennai at Tangerine. They serve the Lasagne Bolognese which have pasta sheets layered with some fresh minced chicken and delicious bolognese sauce. The bolognese sauce widely known in the Italian cuisine as the ragù, is a meat-based sauce originating from Bologna, Italy. This sauce is traditionally used for dressing and is made primarily from tomatoes, onions and minced meat along with few other ingredients.

Loaded with CHEESE, the lasagne is kept in the oven to bake and out comes the bubbling hot lasagne. One bite into this sinfully delicious dish will take you to foodie haven!

This is just a glimpse. There’s lots more lip smacking that you shouldn’t miss at Tangerine. Get Tangerine’s Smart Menu on Relishious and start exploring!

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