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Kutchi Dabeli – The Gujarati Double Roti

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Amdavadi in Chennai serves some excellent Gujarati food all year round. All over Gujarat and Maharashtra, you will find tiny makeshift shops that sell some delicious Kutchi Dabeli. Originating from the Kutch region is this popular street food that’s got some spice, tang and sweet!

Image of screenshot of Kutchi Dabeli taken from Relishious App

At Amdavadi, you get it in a pair with some delicious spicy mixtures stuffed between two fresh pavs and sides of the pav coated with peanut. This delicious blend is then pressed on a hot tawa with butter which gives it its name, Dabeli! (Which literally means, Dabi Hui or Pressed). Enjoy this hot and spicy dish with some chutney on the side and a glass of cool thandai or a piping hot cup of chai.

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