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Khow Suey – A Burmese One Dish Meal

Image of Khow Suey - A Burmese One Dish Meal
Khow Suey - A Burmese One Dish Meal

A hot piping soup meal made with loads of veggies and noodles make for the ultimate comfort food. Originating from the mountainous State of Burma, this dish has travelled all over the world. Truly an adaptive dish, this Burmese delicacy has seen most variations in terms of the veggies added taking on the speciality of the region it’s been made in.

At Cupcakes Amore, this Khow Suey is available with different add-ons like exotic vegetables and some fresh tender meats. A healthy splash of creamy coconut milk makes it thick and fuller amalgamating the different flavours together to give its beautiful taste.  A full meal consisting of some freshly made noodles (traditionally made with egg) and different foods like veggies, meats making it a wholesome meal. Sip and eat this beautiful soup meal and feel your inner Burmese satiated.

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