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Doner Kebab Sandwich – An Inspiration For The Shawarma

Image of Doner Kebab Sandwich, origins of the Shawarma taken for the Relsihious App

One of the first Middle Eastern foods to become a rage in India, especially in South India was the shawarma. Slow roasted, succulent meat encased in a soft flat bread with sliced onions, pickled vegetables and drizzled generously with garlic sauce, hummus or tahina, the shawarma has become extremely popular among the masses, both young and old.

What we know as shawarma originated from the Turkish dish, ‘doner kebab’. Both are quite similar except for the choice of meat or dressings. A Greek equivalent to this dish is the gyros; again meat slow cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Unlike in the Arab region, Greeks love pork and so it is not uncommon to find pork gyros especially served with feta or halloumi cheese and also tzatziki (a delicious cucumber yoghurt dip).

Relish the Doner Kebab Sandwich at Spoonbill, Chennai. Succulent strips of chicken sandwiched and dressed with some sour cream. Slow cooking makes the meat so flavorful and juicy.

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Image of Screenshot of Doner Kebab from the Relishious App

Often confused with the Mediterranean cuisine is the Middle Eastern cuisine. The average Indian has a myopic view of the Middle Eastern cuisine. Shawarma, grilled chicken, hummus, kebabs. This is perhaps what he thinks makes up the cuisine from this region.

One of the biggest myths in our country is that Middle Eastern cuisine refers to Arabian food. But the fact is that Middle Eastern cuisine is a rather broad term to refer to the vast and rich culinary heritage of several different countries (Turkey, Iran, Gulf countries, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Morocco etc.) that make up the geographical region referred to as Middle East today.

Another common myth is that Middle Eastern cuisine is all about meat. Totally false! Debunking more such myths and mysteries about the Middle Eastern Cuisine here.


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