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Daab Chingri – A Signature From The Bengali Cuisine

Image of Bengali dish Daab Chingri

A Bengali delicacy that looks quite intriguing; a large coconut with something tail-y placed atop.

Daab Chingri is an exclusive Bengali dish that is relished especially during Bengali festivals. Daab translates to tender coconut and Chingri translates to jumbo prawns in Bengali. The Daab is kept ready by making a big hole, pouring out the coconut water and removing a part of the coconut pulp. The remaining coconut pulp is left inside for the later stages of the dish.

Jumbo prawns are cooked in a semi gravy made of onions, garlic, mustard paste, chili paste and the coconut water and pulp that was taken from the Daab. The cooked mixture is then poured into the Daab, sealed with dough and steamed. The steaming of the Daab Chingri can be done using one of the two methods – microwaving or pressure cooking. The resulting dish results is an exotic flavored combination of mustard prawns and coconut cream.

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