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Chocolate Fondue – An Addictive Indulgence!

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Chocolate Fondue

The name fondue evolves from a French word fondre, meaning to melt. Although the classic cheese fondue has its inheritance from Switzerland in the mid 18th century, the credits of inventing the delicious chocolate fondue goes to America.

The exact origin of the chocolate fondue still remains a mystery. But legends say the first chocolate fondue was invented by chef Konrad Elgi in the year 1952 who, initially developed bourguignon version of fondue where, beef cubes are cooked in hot oil. His inquisitive nature made him develop a dessert variation in the fondue by the addition of chocolate and giving rise to the delicious chocolate fondue. Chocolate fondue is an experience that is a must try for people of all age groups. A fondue should be served warm in a fondue pot. A perfect fondue will not be too hot that makes your tongue burn nor too cold where you will have a hard time dipping.

Try Chocolate Fondue at Dipping Pot, served along with fresh cut exotic fruits, marshmallows and cakes. Dip in at Dipping Pot for an indulgent experience.

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