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Bunny Chow

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Bunny is another name for a rabbit or a hare. Its easy to imagine this pretty bunny happpily hopping along the green meadows. Well this bunny ain’t that! Bunny – a South African dish created by the Durban Indians who hollowed out bread, like bunny burrows, filled it with delicious curries and meats. This bread bowl phenomenon was invented to make it easier for travelers to carry an edible bowl with curry along. Though traditional Indian meals have a roti with veggies and meats, the roti makes it difficult to be carried around and can become too soggy or flaky during a travel. A scooped out quarter loaf of bread filled with goodies served as a meal to many.

Cuckoo Club Diner brings the Bunny Chow to Chennai with a variety of fillings. Pick your choice from a South African Curry, Cajun étouffée and Mexican Chilli; all of them, a complete meal in itself – you get your proteins and carbs all in one bowl!

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