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Aubergine Rolls


Call it an Aubergine, Eggplant or simply a Brinjal, did you know this fruit was used as an ornamental item before it was believed to be safe to consume? Now used worldwide to produce some exotic and lip smacking fares. Have you tried this – Stuffed Aubergine Rolls? Beautiful fresh and purple aubergine slices are toasted and stuffed with deliciously stringy buffalo mozzarella cheese, herbs for some wonderful rustic flavor and drizzled with olive oil. Topped with a yummy onion, tomato and basil salsa, when you bite into the aubergine, make sure you get the whole deal, some aubergine and some salsa and feel the explosion of the delicious and cheesy aubergine flavors in your mouth. Relish this @ Jonah’s Meets Chef Willi.

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