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Arayis Lebanani – A Bride From The Levantine Cuisine

Arayis Lebanani, Stuffed Pita Bread
Arayis Lebanani

Coming from the Levantine cuisine, this lovely dish is made with minced lamb meat. Arayis comes from the Arabic word, arous which means bride. A food being called a bride? While some say it’s named so as it is served at most wedding ceremonies across the Middle East or simply because it’s as beautiful as a bride! Facts and fables apart, these meaty pita sandwiches are a tasty must try.

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Best when eaten fresh and hot with yogurt and pickled green olives are these delicious pita breads; stuffed with lamb mince and flavored with the aromatic Middle Eastern spices like the za’atar. Baked in the oven, grilled on the barbecue or toasted on a sandwich maker, their crispy outsides and juicy insides will leave a yummy taste in your mouth and a wonderful aroma that’ll hit your nostrils making you want to eat it all at once. Relish this wonderful preparation at Palmshore!

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