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Affogato – An Espresso Turns Dessert

Italian Dessert, Affogato, Coffee based dessert

Affogato that literally means ‘drowned’ is a beautiful coffee based dessert that’s traditionally Italian. It takes the form of a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato doused with a shot of deep, dark-roast hot espresso. The hot and cool sensations that you get with each sip will create some amazing flavors in your mouth. This is one drink and should not be mistaken for a coffee with ice cream. The ice cream slowly melts in the hot coffee giving it some milky, silky smooth texture. It’s highlight is it’s simplicity but is immensely packed with flavors to relish.This is one dessert that finds its place on menus of most Italian cafes and restaurants.

Sip this great Italian coffee dessert at Jonah’s Goes to Japan right here in  Chennai. Immerse yourself in the delicious Italian coffee and delve into its creamy yummyness.

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Affogato, Italian Dessert, Coffee Based Dessert

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