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6 Ways To Express Your Mood When It Comes To Food

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Good food can change your mood, thoughts and emotions. Express.

You just learnt about a friend’s parent passing away on Facebook. What would you do? Rather, what could you do? Many found it so uncomfortable or totally silly and heartless to go like the post! We were left with the comments to express our sadness and convey condolences. And for long people have been asking for a dislike button to express displeasure or condemnation, but Facebook came up with a better and comprehensive way of expressing your emotions. Rather, let’s say ‘reacting’.

It’s been about two weeks since Facebook rolled out Reactions. From over twenty emojis, they came up with six emotions that’d fit most use cases and animated them to react as well.

And how did they shortlist? Facebook decided to focus on the sentiments its users expressed most often. They looked at the most frequently used stickers, emoji, and one-word comments and found a few common emotional threads amidst an ocean of diverse sentiments. 

And we are super excited. We can now express our heart felt emotions when it comes to food! That emotional depth to expressions is finally here. We now can express our mood when it comes to food!

So we came up with this short video. Tell us if you can relate to this. And don’t forget to share your foodie emotional moments with us.



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