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14 Food Related Gestures To Make Your Wife Feel Special

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Anything to make your butter half feel better?



In the hush and hurry of life we sometimes forget and feel too tired to let the people we love the most know how much they mean to us. Though you don’t need to remind them constantly, small gestures once in a while can definitely go a long way. If the love of your life is a foodie fret not! We’ve put together the perfect list of gestures that’ll make a huge difference in her life. So take some notes and plan away!

1)  Make her some breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed
A Perfect Start

Who doesn’t love to be pampered, and if it’s some hearty breakfast served in bed, she’ll end up feeling like royalty. While it sounds quite complicated, you don’t really need to make her a fancy meal, it can be something as simple as toast with some Nutella or even Idly with coconut chutney if she prefers South Indian. Just remember to plan it in advance and keep it quiet so she doesn’t wake up.

2) Plan a romantic dinner date at home

Candle Light Dinner
Candles do wonders!

Instead of taking her to a fancy restaurant, cook up a meal from scratch, light a few candles, dim the lights and buy some flowers. There you go; you’re all set for a romantic candle light dinner all at the comfort of your own home.

3) Bake a cake from scratch

Cake Ingredients
Cake it from scratch!

For your next special occasion ditch the fancy cakes we usually buy from bakeries and bake her a cake from scratch. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look good; it doesn’t even matter if it tastes bad it’s the gesture that counts.

4) Plan an all healthy menu for a week

Millet Indian pancakes
Healthy Millet Options

Team up with her to get healthy. Make a healthy meal plan for a week and make sure both of you stick to it. Remember all those millets and vegetables you’ve been dodging, it’s time to bring them back to the table.

5) Stock up on groceries for a month

Grocery List
List, Buy, Stock

This is one of the nicest things you can do for your partner. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a joint family or it’s just the two of you with the kids. Making a list of monthly groceries shows her how much you know about the little things that matter to everybody. Remembering personal preferences is sure to win you a lot of brownie points. Something as little as remembering you child’s favourite cereal or your wife’s favourite soap goes a long way.

6) Do the dishes

Hand gloves while cleaning
Say Yes!

However tired we are, we don’t mind the process of cooking, but what gets on our nerves after a long day is the cleaning, so doing the dishes after dinner is definitely a great gesture.

7) Make her a fancy lunch at home

Paneer Sandwich
Paneer Sandwich, simple and presented perfect. The effort would not go unrecognized.

This can be a fun activity if you involve the children as well. Surprise her by making her a fancy restaurant style lunch and make it even more exciting by letting the little one help. Pizza, Pasta, French Fries, the sky is the limit, really. (Yes, that means fried chicken also)

8) Buy her Cadbury Nutties

Cadbury Nutties by Alicia Souza
Nutties Craving well said!

They’re finally available everywhere so this might be the best time to stock them up for your sweetheart. Calories Smalories! Who can say no to these little drops of heaven?

9) Buy her Kale/Roasted Chips

crispy roasted vegetabl echips
Umm..Roasted Veggie Chips

Now, your body might be blessed with a high metabolic rate, but all we think when we look at a packet potato chips is “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”, as Amy from friends would say. So stocking up on roasted chips might be the best thing you can do for us.

10) Take her out on her cheat day

cream chocolate salted caramel
That Creamy Chocolate Salted Caramel packed with calories, to be burnt later!

Even though we heart-wrenchingly stick to healthy food on most days, when we cheat, we cheat right. That means making pit stops at Burger King, Little Italy, Cream Center and ooh, maybe even Brew Room.

11) Get her mom’s recipe for her favorite dish and make it the same way

South Indian medhu vada
Call your mom in law and get that Medhu Vada recipe

Recreating her mom’s recipe will bring back warm memories of her childhood; she’ll definitely preserve the experience and maybe even consider it to be the most precious family heirloom ever.

12) Invite her friends over and leave for a boy’s night out

dad's day out with kids
Let the kids join your party, for a change!

When both of you need some space or maybe even catch up with your friends, you can invite her friends over, order them some food and leave to have some fun with your friends. Win-win no? And if you happen to have kids, they can join your party for a change!

13) Buy her some new cookware

non stick cookware
O-la-la, that alluring effect that crockery have on women!

No matter how many varieties of cookware we already own the sight of a new spaghetti strainer or an Aappam pan will surely make her heart bounce with joy. So if your partner loves cooking, you can never go wrong by buying her some new cookware.

14) Cook together

cooking together
Bit of bonding

There’s a reason why they say a couple who cooks together stays together. Cooking strengths your connection and brings you closer.  By cooking we definitely don’t mean cranberry sauce though!

All said, it’s time to get into action.




See to that you don’t goof up in anyway!


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