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The Manhattan Fish Market – Your Seafood Destination In Chennai

Image of manhattan fish market interiors in chennai

Not a fish market but a place to indulge in a plethora of seafood.

When you become an adult your week usually starts in a market looking for that perfect salmon or the fattest turkey in all the land. And we all know it’s not pretty, with all the chaos and not to mention the sweet odor of various things. But there’s only one market where you can sit back and relax while enjoying some divine tasting seafood – The Manhattan Fish Market.

Image of The Manhattan Fish Market that serves seafood
Decked to look like a fish market

Living up to its name, it reminds you of what it’s like to be in a fish market, with much lesser noise and beautifully done interiors. Contrary to the popular belief, the birth of Manhattan Fish Market was in Malaysia (yes, not in Manhattan), slowly spreading its wings around the world and finally reaching India with its first outlet in our very own Chennai.

Image of Manhattan Fish Market that serves seafood in chennai
Cozy and private spots

With the recent declarations of WHO that our all-time favorite processed foods (bacon, ham, sausages) are slowly killing us, you have all the more reasons to increase the seafood content in your diet. Yes more mussels, more shrimp and yes to more tiger prawns! The menu is done so well that by the time you’re done browsing through, it’s guaranteed to leave you with the appetite of a whale. They have a sea of options (literally), with delicious looking images all over the menu. While the menu is predominantly seafood, it doesn’t leave your vegan friends to starve either. Some carefully chosen veg delicacies are displayed as well, the veggie olio being the all-time favorite along with few starters, creamy soups and salads. There are few chicken choices as well, but the Chicken of Liberty takes all the votes home.

Image of screenshot of Garlic herb mussels from Relishious App

Specialized in Continental Seafood preparations, they are proud of their in-house sea-cret sauces, especially the Herb Garlic Sauce being the most popular of them all.


Image of screenshot of flaming platter from Relishious App


Apart from deliciously done fish skewers and pastas their specialty lies in the famous flaming seafood platters. The Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter is undoubtedly the top choice for everyone. Generous portions of hand battered fish fillets, oysters, calamari and the Manhattan flaming prawns being the highlight of the dish, is brought to full flavor right in front of your eyes!

Image of Flaming platter served at Manhattan Fish Market
The Seafood Platter flamed right in front of your eyes!


They are known for their choices of fish fillets as well- the Dory Fish, Salmon and Cherry Snapper are the signature ones.


Image of cooking techniques used at Manhattan Fish Market
How do you like you fish?

While not many of us are concerned about how our food is done (as long as it reaches us fast and tasty), Manhattan Fish Market has five cooking styles- grilled, fried, poached, baked and flamed.  Now that’s some variety apart from the lavish choices of food to choose from. It’s often impossible to resist all this in a single plate and it will definitely leave you craving for more. And that’s why they have an unlimited platter with unlimited beverages, running all week from Monday to Friday.


Image of screenshot of drink blue lagoon from Relishious App


A good range of beverages accompany the seafood including Mock tails, Juices, Shakes, Smoothies, Floats and some hot Coffee and Tea as well.


Image of screenshot of dessert called Mud Pie from Relishious App

After all this scrumptious seafood, they will not leave you disappointed for your sweet tooth cravings as they have some house specialties for that as well. The sinfully delicious Manhattan Mud Pie should be your first choice. However if you’re not lucky enough to get that last Pie, keep your trust in their Tuscan Tiramisu- layers of coffee goodness and creamy Mascarpone Cheese is definitely going to make your day. If you’re in the mood to share, then my votes are for the Sizzling Brownie topped with vanilla ice cream in sweet caramel sauce and nuts.


Image of conference rooms from Manhattan Fish market
Treat a client, host a team lunch or just brainstorm – They have dedicated areas that would make your day just perfect.


It’s definitely fishy, but only in a good way. So let’s go fishing!

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