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Waffle Waffle, Here I Come!

Image of waffles at WafO'Bel in Chennai

Get ready to indulge in some of best waffles in Chennai at Waf O’Bel!

What are waffles?

Waffles are a sweet dessert made with flour, milk and sugar! This aromatic batter is put into a waffle iron and pressed to reveal a beautiful, crispy waffle. Top it with your favourite sauces, fruits or ice creams and you are good to go! Waffles belong to Belgium and that’s where you can taste some delicious authentic waffles. Even though this wonderful dish found its origin in Belgium, there is no Belgian Waffle. There are two types, Liege and Brussels waffles.

So where do I go for my fix of waffles? You Ask!!!!

A few years ago, no one had even heard of Waffles. With the advent of cross cultural food scene growing bigger, Chennai opened its heart and stomach to this superb delicacy!

Who’s Waf O’Bel?

A sweet Indo-Belgo partnership between Belgian resident Christophe Bellon and his Indian partner Prashant Chandar; Prashant is the Chief Operating Officer and Christophe Bellon is the Chief Culinary Officer. With a Belgian national on board, you can be pretty assured about the authenticity of these awesome waffles.

Waf O’Bel started with a small kiosk at Nungambakkam. Very soon, the waffles grew in their fame, with its loyalists claiming their waffles to be the best in Chennai. The partners realized they need a bigger place to keep belting out some authentic waffles.

Image of dessert palour WafO'Bel

So now they open their first dine-in restaurant at Harrington Road in Chetpet. Come Friday, the 15th of July, Waf O’Bel will have the comforting aroma of waffles being made!


What do they offer?

Waf O’Bel makes two types of Waffles, Liege and Brussels! Liege are thicker and are denser. Brussels waffles are light and crispy. Topped with the icing sugar, they have loads of toppings to offer as well. And this time, they haven’t stopped at the sweet kinds.

Black & White, some sinful Belgian chocolate and fresh cream on your crispy waffle to relish every bite!
Black & White, some sinful Belgian chocolate and fresh cream on your crispy waffle to relish every bite!

They have savoury waffles, some light eats like Waffle- Naan or WAAN. They even have a bevy of cool and warm drinks to keep those waffles company.

Image of Affagato at WafO'Bel, Chennai takn from Relishious App
Affagato al caffè, fresh ground & brewed espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


What’s new?

Apart from the best sellers, Waf O’Bel has added a newer and a wider range of waffles. They have range of savoury waffle naans or waans on offer. These are like pita pockets grilled on a waffle iron and stuffed with yummy fillings right from chickpeas to exotic veggies.

Here’s a sneak peak at one!

Mutter Paneer Waan

Image of screenshot of Waan from WafOBel, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Filled with a delicious mix of mutter paneer, some sauces and served with a coleslaw salad on the side.

A few more additions were made to their dessert waffle range:

Fruit Custard Waffle

Image of screenshot of waffle from WafObel, Chennai taken from Relishious App

A light Brussels waffle topped with yummy custard and some seasonal fruits. Makes it a delightful combo of tangy fruits and sweet waffles.


What’s so great about Waf O’Bel?

Waf O’Bel makes their own hazelnut spread that they use for their waffles. They are yet to come up with a name for it but in the kitchen they call it Waffotella. Fresh prepared hazelnut spread unlike the processed kinds.

They import their chocolate and you can be rest assured there is an authentic Belgian chocolate topping on your waffle or in your coffee and milk.


Their Mission

Their mission to bring you an experience of authentic Belgium right here without a visa! Indulge in their delicious waffles and some awesome waans that will tantalize your taste buds.


Something special for the occasion?

Waf O’Bel would also be launching their Smart Menu where you can find your favorites and explore all their quirky creations right off your mobile phone way before you actually dine in! Catch a glimpse Waf O’Bel’s Smart Menu here.

So go ahead, walk into Waf O’Bel at Harrington Road to indulge in some delicious waffles, some scrumptious waans and be part of a smarter dining experience.


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