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Get Stoned Over Once Again At Cream Stone!

Image of Ice Cream frm Relishious App
Oreo Shot, Ice Cream for a cookie lover!

Getting stoned over ice cream is an yummy experience at Cream Stone. Located at Alwarpet, Cream Stone offers a fun variety of ice creams with colorful toppings and add-ons like nutella, Oreo cookies, Ferroro Rocher, Sprinkles, Jellies and so on making dessert eating so fun and joyful. For kids you have kids concepts, then for all nutty lovers you have nutty concepts, if you are a fruit lover go in for fruit concepts. Didn’t find the right combination for you? Then try the make your own concept where, you can choose your own ice cream, toppings and sauces.

Medley you shouldn't miss!
Medley you shouldn’t miss!

Once you have chosen the ice creams then comes the best part. You can see live how the ice creams and toppings are getting thrown onto a frozen marble slab, beaten to a uniform consistency till they are flat, well blended and are placed in a cup or cone. This results in a beautiful combination of your favorite flavors in every lick! The history of cold stoning the ice cream dates back to 1983 where, Marble Slab became the first ice cream place to use frozen granite slab to blend the mix in toppings in to the ice scream. Watch Cream Stone in action below.

So what to do if you are on a diet? Cream Stone also offers diet free sundaes and sugar free sundaes to have your diet plan intact.

Here’s some news, Cream Stone is now open at Anna Nagar, Chennai as well.  What more? Avail a 10%  inaugural discount. It’s time to plan to just chill this weekend!

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