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Board Nellai Xpress For A Bigger Buffet Meal

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Purely traditional!

Nellai Xpress is your one stop to savor the most mouth watering regional cuisines with a modern twist. Just as the train travels to Tirunelveli via Trichy, Dindugal and Madurai, taste the authentic dishes from the cuisines of Chennai, Trichy, Dindugal, Madurai and Tirunelveli under one roof. This restaurant is famous for some of its specialty foods like Bucket koli, Aatu Kari chukka, Nalli Pepper Fry, Urulai Murungakka Salna, Kayalpatnam Nei Choru, Semiya payasam, to name a few. The restaurant is open on all days for lunch and dinner and they take in reservations and advance booking. Now, a bigger buffet meal?

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Yes! That’s the good news. They are introducing ‘BUFFET ON TABLE‘ which is available only on weekdays. There are two buffet options to choose from and are moderately priced at Rs 199 and Rs 249. The buffet includes a welcome drink, two starters, parotta, Chicken Salna, Steamed rice/ Chicken Biryani, Buttermilk, Dessert of the day and Ice Cream.

Sounds Relishious?  Taste it right away at Nellai Xpress located at 40 Radha Krishnan Road, Chennai, 600 004.

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