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Grill out n’ Chill out

“Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words”, said Rumi.

Happiness happens when good people get together. No, No! Happiness happens when good people get together and eat great food.

Get together! The word itself brings so much excitement and happiness for many, feels boring and clamorous for some.  The only soul that brings both these people together is FOOD!

The bond that food creates is divine. Most people today prefer ordering food from an eatery to have less work at home. Little do they know what gratifying bonding cooking together could bring. A get together that involves cooking is a party in itself and if it’s a Barbecue party, it becomes extra ordinary.

So one of my favorite culinary dictionaries says the origin of Barbeque could be from four sources, one, a derivative of the West Indian term “barbacoa”, which denotes a method of slow-cooking meat over hot coals. Secondly, the word barbecue comes from the French phrase “barbe a queue,” meaning “from head to tail”. Thirdly, Barbeque means, cook the animal from head to tail by long, slow, indirect, low-heat method that uses smoldering logs, charcoal, or wood chunks to smoke-cook the food (usually some kind of meat). And fourth, getting together and eating barbecued food! I personally like the final one!

The smoky goodness is a feast for your eyes and your stomach! From lip smacking barbecued beef brisket from California to our very own inviting Chettinadu barbecue pepper chicken, every meat is enticing to fit for a king if cooked the right way. All you need is a barbecue grill at home, with charcoal, metal skewers and you can start the feast right away. From sizzling barbecued lamb chops to smoked salmon everything can be made at your backyard and delight the crowd.

The meats usually barbecued are beef ribs, mutton shoulder, chicken, fish, turkey or sometimes hot dogs and hamburgers (yes, cuts of meat matters!). These meats along with a spice rub of your choice and wide variety of barbecue sauce will leave you frenzied.

You can even grill vegetables, cheese and fruits you like. I personally like barbecuing salmon with rosemary, garlic and olive oil rub, pineapple chunks, drizzled with barbecue sauce! Yummy!!! Go ahead and set a barbecue party at your backyard this weekend!

Barbecue is about food, friends and good times. If this can wipe out full stop and add comma in our relationships, then why not!

– Go Relishious!

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