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Pizza And Roasted Chicken Treats You Shouldn’t Miss At Bobby’s Bistro, Chennai


Whether you’re craving Pizza or Roasted Chicken, we’ve got just the perfect place in mind with just the perfect selections we’ve made just for YOU. Head over to Bobby’s Bistro for a delectable and hearty meal this weekend and leave the hassle of selecting the perfect meal to us. From main-course to dessert, this is guaranteed to be a meal to remember. We’ve booked our table, go ahead and book yours.

The Muddly Affair Treat

Image of Muddly Affair treat at Bobby's Bistro taken from Relishious App

The Muddly Affair Treat we’ve picked for you has a medley of beautiful and versatile flavours that makes it a hearty and complete meal. We have a meaty (mighty, wink wink) Pizza, Fried Squid Rings, A classic Italian dessert and two refreshing summer drinks. These are tried and tested options picked out by us just so that you can enjoy a joyous meal with your loved one.  A meal for the kings? You could say so!

Muddly Meat Pizza

Image of screenshot of Muddly Pizza taken from Relishious App

The Muddly Meat Pizza from Bobby’s Bistro makes for one meaty feast that every meat lover out there would die to devour. Fresh Pizza sauce is spooned generously over a thin pizza based; this is topped off with juicy and tender pieces of chicken and beef and finally loaded with oodles of fine mozzarella cheese before it goes into to the oven and baked to perfection. Sounds like quite a dream no? It definitely is!

Calamari Fritters

Image of screenshot of calamari fritters taken from Relishious App

When it’s prepared the right way, you could say Calamari is the un-acclaimed hero of Seafood. These squid rings are coated in flour-based, flavorful batter and deep fried until golden brown and crisp. These crispy and appetizing fritters are beautifully slacked over a bed of lettuce and fresh cherry tomatoes before it reaches your table (ready to be gobbled). A treat for all the senses!

Panna Cotta

Image of screenshot of pana cotta taken from Relishious App

If you’re the kind of person who always stops to smell the roses and appreciate life’s little pleasures, Pana Cotta is definitely the dessert for you and it’s naturally gluten free as well (Wow! Double score? Yes!).

For those of you didn’t already know, Panna Cotta (Which means Cooked Cream in Italian) is a classic Italian dessert that is made out of milk, cream, gelatin and vanilla essence. Panna Cotta comes in a pudding consistency with a generous drizzle of fruit sauce. Every spoon full is creamy and it melts in your mouth without a trace.

Blush on Ice

Image of screenshot of Blush on Ice Mocktail taken from Relishious App

This beautifully purple drink has a lovely tang to it. Fresh lime juice and Blackcurrant crush is mixed to together along with water and poured into a tall glass with lots of ice, slices of fresh lime and sprigs of fresh mint leaves. Together it makes for one remarkably exciting concoction. (A perfect drink for the summer)

Shirley Temple

Image of screenshot of shirley temple taken from Relishious App

Named after the renowned actor (America’s darling) Shirley Temple, this mocktail is made by blending Ginger Ale with a splash of grenadine syrup and a dash of lemon juice. This refreshing golden drink is served in a Mason Jar loaded with Ice and topped with a cherry and a sprig of mint leaves. It leaves you refreshed. It gives you the satisfaction of getting drenched in the mid-summer rain.  Truly a drink for the stars!

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A Sunday Toast with Roast  

Image of Sunday Roast Treat at Bobby's Bistro taken from Relishious App

A Sunday Toast with Roast has a selection of dishes that make for a long meal you can relish while you bond with your loved one. It’s for the slow weekends that you wish will last forever. A perfectly roasted chicken, a hearty vegetable soup, some delectable Tiramisu and two irresistible drinks. It is a wonderful life after all!

Sunday Roast Chicken

Image of screenshot of Roasted chicken taken from Relishious App

This juicy, crispy, stuffed and roasted chicken can save you from any kind of bad day! A whole chicken is placed on a bed of diced potatoes, carrots, celery, tomato and peppers. The chicken and the vegetables are slathered in herb butter, sprinkled with salt and pepper and slow roasted till its golden brown and perfectly done. This Sunday Roast Chicken is served to you with a pour over gingery gravy that is simply out of the world. It’s a perfect dish to bond over and leaves you feeling festive and nostalgic.

Pumpkin Carrot & Ginger Soup with Broccoli Cream

Image of screenshot of soup taken from Relishious App

Did we just say Broccoli? Did you just frown? Well, let’s turn that frown upside down because this soup is not only health in a cup, it’s creamy and utterly delicious too (Quite a combination, huh?).  Diced and steamed pumkin and carrot are tossed with some ginger and cooped up in a hollow bowl with a generous sprinkling of cheese. A mug of hot Broccoli cream is then poured over the hearty vegetables right in front of you.  Sounds interesting doesn’t it?


Image of screenshot of Tiramisu taken from Relisshious App

A classic, fool-proof crowd pleaser that has something to offer for people from all walks of life. Bobby’s serve this classic Italian dessert with a twist of their own. That’s why I love Tiramisu so much, wherever you try it and whatever version you eat, you are sure to fall in love with the faultless combination of ingredients. It’s spongy, chocolaty and it’s spiked with strong flavors of coffee that even the pickiest eaters will fall in love with. Once you get a serving, you’ll be dreaming about Tiramisu for days before you convince yourself to get another slice. This cloud-like indulgence though sinfully delicious will never ever leave you feeling guilty, yeah it’s that GOOD!

Blue Lemonade

Image of screenshot of blue lemonade taken from Relishious App

The ocean in your glass! This drink will transport you to a beach with your sunglasses intact.  This sparkly attention-grabber is made by blending a spoonful of Blue Curacao, Fresh Lime Juice and more than a splash of bubbly sprite. It is served on a tall glass with a load of ice cubes and topped with a sprig of mint leaves. Grab this delicious concoction and beat the heat in style.

Green Apple Martini

Image of screenshot of Green Apple Martini taken from Relishious App

Green Apple Martini is a tempting drink to satisfy your senses on a hot summer day. Green Apple Crush is blended with sparkling soda which is then poured into an elegant martini glass and topped off with pieces of fresh and chunky green apples. This irresistible tangy yet sweet drink will leave you wanting for more (Thank God we found a non-alcoholic version of this, right?).

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