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Bunny Chow And Indie Pizza Treats You Ought To Try At Coco Jaunt 1728, Chennai

Image of treats at Coco Jaunt 1728 taken from Relishious App

To make choices at a place like Coco Jaunt 1728 (Where the flavours are plenty) is just next to impossible, so we’ve put together a little bit of everything that’ll make you feel like there’s a party in your tummy. Go ahead and indulge (it is the weekend, after all). Give yourself a detour from the ordinary with one or even two of these ultimate collections (we promise you won’t be sorry).

Bunny Chow Treat

Image of treats at Coco Jaunt taken from Relishious App

With this treat we transport you to South Africa, North India, South India and back. The Bunny Chow Treat is a jugalbandhi of wonderful flavours (if you will). We’ve got some Butter Chicken that’s finger licking good, we’ve also thrown in Paneer, an elusive Red Velvet Muffin (With the cream cheese of course) and two extra special drinks to down it all down like there’s no tomorrow.

Butter Chicken Bunny Chow

Image of screenshot of Bunny Chow Butter Chicken dish taken from Relishious App

Butter Chicken is a crowd pleaser devoured by people from all over the world. So picture this, Delicious Indian Butter Chicken meets Durban Delicacy, what happens? The birth of the breath-taking Butter Chicken Bunny Chow. A creamy gravy made out of cashews, tomato puree, freshly grind Garam Masala along with Chicken pieces and oodles of butter is stuffed into home-made bread (Which is previously scooped out).  So the bread soaks up the flavour of the creamy and tangy gravy which makes it taste just out of this world. Butter Chicken Bunny Chow is served with Potato Wedges and a house salad to accompany it.

Southern Fried Paneer Sandwich


If you are a hardcore Paneer lover, this Sandwich will make you believe in love at first sight. Curry leaves, Madras onion, ginger, garlic, green chilli and country tomatoes are sautéed till the whole mix because mushy. Once it’s done cooking, a pinch of turmeric along with freshly roasted Chettinadu spices and a pinch of salt is added to the gravy, finally sliced Paneer is added to the gravy sautéed for about 3 minutes. Once it’s done, this Southern gravy is garnished with coriander and stuffed in between two slices of freshly baked bread. Eternal bliss? We think so!

Red Velvet Muffin with Cream Cheese

Image of screenshot of red velvet muffin taken from Relishious App

A gorgeous red colour muffin topped with fluffy and sturdy cream cheese, sounds heavenly no? That’s Coco Jaunt’s Red Velvet Muffin for you! Their version of this classic dessert is sinful and delightful. Freshly baked moist Red Velvet Cupcakes are topped off with luscious swirls of cream cheese and sprinkled with crumbles of the muffin for added flavour. Try one they’re totally elusive and actually to die for.

Blue Bay

Image of screenshot of blue bay mocktail taken from Relishious App

You’ll be asking for a brain-freeze once you take a sip of this refreshing drink. Blue Bay is made with loads of crushed ice, a dash of Blue Curacao and more than a splash of Soda garnished with a sprig of mint leaves and slices of fresh lime. Sit by the window, sip on this mind-numbingly delicious drink and watch the world go by with no memory of the splitting summer.

Brownie Shake

Image of screenshot of Brownie Shake taken from Relishious App

Some love in your tummy can uplift anyone’s spirit in a jiffy! And by love we mean, brownie love! Ooey-gooey brownies and creamy chocolate ice-cream gets blended together along with some cold milk and ice cubes. As if that isn’t enough, this sinfully delicious milkshake is topped with a whopping amount of soft whipped cream and a sprinkle of brownie crumbles. I don’t know about you but I could conquer the world with this made-in-heaven Brownie Shake.


Indie Pizza Treat

Image of Indie Pizza Treat at Coco Jaunt 1728 taken from Relishious App

This treat is an adventure only the dare-devils can take! We got pizza, thrown in some smoked rice, bite-sized heavenly chocolates and two amazing drinks to satisfy your thirst and take you to cloud 9. Are you ready for this adventure? We surely are!

Indie Route

Image of screenshot of Indie Pizza taken from Relishious App

When in doubt, always take the Indie Route! This freshly-bakes thin crust pizza is slathered with some home-style pizza sauce, sprinkled with oodles of fine mozzarella cheese, topped with darn fresh capsicum, tomatoes onion and also green chilies (for that extra sizzle). Are we missing something? YEAH! Cubes of marinated and hot-off-the grill Paneer Tikka are also added in plenty and the whole thing is then garnished with a whole lot of coriander. Who needs Margherita when you can go Indie right? This Pizza is an affair to remember (A sweet moment on the lips with no regrets at all).

Smoked Rice With BBQ Chicken

Image of screenshot of smoked rice taken from Relishious App

When we said take the Indie Route we meant you have to go all the way in and no Indie meal is complete without some rice, right? Long, slender, aromatic rice is smoked and tossed with some barbeque flavoured chicken. Just to make it more awesome, a handful of barbecued crispy chicken strips are tossed in along with some fresh parsley. What an interesting twist to rice right? This will most definitely by your go-to dish for all those days that need extra kick-starting.

Leche Chocolate

Image of screenshot of Leche Chocolates taken from Relishious App

Bite-sized Leche Chocolate is THE chocolate to end all chocolates. They little pieces of heaven are luscious (to the core) and simply irresistible. Each piece of gourmet chocolate is individually filled in the centre with a lot of care. The texture is smooth, creamy and the taste is semi-sweet and remarkable, really. But be warned once you pop one into your mouth you just cannot stop (even the strong-willed ones eventually give in to these).

Green Apple

Image of screenshot of green apple mocktail taken from Relishious App

Green Apple drinks have always been the most refreshing and satisfactory summer drinks. The fruity smell reminds you of those popsicles you gobbled down when you were a child and the taste is so contradictory and yet so good. It has just enough tang and just enough sweetness, a great balance of naturally occurring flavours. The crushed ice and soda in this drink makes sure the flavour of the green apple is subtle enough for your palate. Just lovely, wouldn’t you agree?

Nutty Caramel Shake

Image of screenshot of Nutty Caramel shake taken from Relishious App

This Nutty Caramel Shake will make you go nuts (really). Creamy and rich cold coffee is served the winner’s way along with a drizzle of caramel and butter scotch. This is then topped with a hearty spray of fresh cream and a generous sprinkle of crushed and toasted nuts (yummy!).  Caramel, Butter scotch, nuts, coffee and cream. What could go wrong, really?

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