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9 Chocolate Treats To Try In Chennai

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Forget love. I’d rather fall in chocolate!

Chocolate – this word is sinful and addictive. Chocolate beautifully blends to take many forms as a sweat treat, drink or a meal! Relishious brings you 9 chocolate treats to try in Chennai that’s chocolate, chocolate and just chocolate!

  1. Chocolate Pot

A dessert that is a light and creamy chocolate indulgence made with dark chocolate. Fresh dark chocolate mousse is poured on a transparent glass pot, topped with a swirl of fresh cream and finished with sprinkles of chocolate shavings. Dig in deep to explore the adventures of dark chocolate.

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  1. Dairy Milk Cheese Cake

Yes! You read it right! It is the ultimate combination that you could have ever imagined – Chocolatey and Cheesy. A decadent blend of dairy milk and cream cheese is baked on a crunchy crust to perfection. Have a bite and what do you taste? That’s a double love dose!

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  1. Hot Chocolate

You know this one well! The hot beverage with your favorite chocolate. Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa or drinking chocolate, is prepared using chocolate shavings, melted chocolate, hot milk and sugar. The chocolatey replacement for your cup of coffee.

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  1. Jaconde Roulade

Jaconde is a decorative almond flavored sponge cake that is wrapped around layers of fillings. Jaconde roulade consists of yummy layers of cake with loads of chocolate cream, rolled and covered in chocolate cream again. A classic French chocolate dessert that’s not to miss.

Image of screenshot of Jaconde Roulde from Relishious App


  1. Choco Lava

Chocolate on the outside and chocolate on the side makes a Choco Lava cake super delicious. This is a dessert that should definelty not be missed by chocolate lovers. Choco Lava consists of a moist chocolate cupcake with gooey chocolate filling inside. Cut open the cake to see the hot chocolate lava oozing out.

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  1. Death By Chocolate:

This one’s a choco bomb!  It’s layers of chocolate pastry filled with chocolate mousse in between and smothered in loads and loads of chocolate sauce. Death by chocolate is a sin and the crime of eating it will take you to heaven!

Image of Screenshot of Death By chocolate from Relishious App


  1. Ecstasy – Spl Chocolate Sandwich

This is a dessert with a twist. It is a special sandwich where fresh milk chocolate is filled between two buttered bread slices and grilled to perfection. This one’s a winner with kids.

Image of screenshot of chocolate sandwich from Relishious App


  1. Too Much Chocolate Cake:

It’s a must try for all chocolate lovers out there. A deliciously baked chocolate cake slathered with yummy chocolate syrup and some chocolate shavings. Experience a multitude of chocolate textures in every bite.

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  1. Chocolate Fruit Tart

So when you’re confused and arguing over what to have for dessert, whether it is going to be fruit based or chocolate based? Shun the argument as you have before you a delightful combination of fruits and chocolate in the form of a chocolate fruit tart. The tart is filled with grapes, cherries, orange, apple, kiwi and chocolate.

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