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9 Best MilkShakes In Chennai You Should Not Miss This Summer

Image of KitKat Shake from Milkshakes in Chennai

Shake things a bit this summer with some awesome Milkshakes in Chennai

If you ever wondered what drink pairs best with a cheesy gossip on a summer evening or with your favorite movie on Netflix, it’s definitely the heavenly Milk Shake! Extravagant milkshakes have taken over Chennai. A trend of small cafés and new restaurants, the Milkshake mania has spread all around the city and, happily for lactose-lovers shows no sign of slowing down.

With restauranteurs whipping up some delicious shakes this summer, here we have a list of must try shakes from the city.

Strawberry Banana Milkshake

Image of screenshot of strawberry banana milkshake from the Relishious App


Do you know that two glasses of Strawberry Banana Milkshake can easily complete the daily need of calcium and vitamin C for an average adult? With that in mind, this restaurant in Gopalapuram shakes up delicious thick and frothy shake, from fresh Bananas, Strawberries and loads of ice. Try today and tell us how much you loved. Available at MeNu Let’s Get Together, Gopalapuram.

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KitKat Shake

Image of screenshot of Kit Kat shake taken from Relishious App

This recipe is for anyone with a bit of an obsession with Kit Kat! You’ll love it! The ingredients include KitKat, Creamy Milk and Ice. Heavenly bits of kitKat in every sip. It’s such a magic combination. Put it in your mouths. Available at NewYorker, Nugambakkam.

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Blueberry Milkshake 

Image of screenshot of Blueberry milkshake taken from Relishious App

Turn your dessert on its head with this breakfast inspired shake of dreams. This recipe is fresh Blueberries and Vanilla Ice Cream in a milkshake… with a small waffle topped with Vanilla Ice cream on side! I KNOW! What an insane combination. Available at Bobby’s Bistro, T.Nagar.

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Rosy Vanilla 

Image of screenshot of Rosy Vanilla taken from Relishious App

This is one refreshing dreamy shake. Cold Milk, Rose Syrup and a punch of Lemon Juice, sounds yummy? Tastes yummier. Try at Bombay Brassiere, Nungambakkam.

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Nutty Caramel Shake

Image of screenshot of Nutty Caramel MilkShake taken from Relishious App

We guess this recipe was inspired by the White Russian cocktail and given a spectacular twist. The best thing about it? Only 5 ingredients! Cold Coffee, Caramel, Butter scotch, Fresh Cream and Nuts, Voila! Delicious thick creamy shake right there! Available at Coco Jaunt 1728, Anna Nagar.

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Oreo O Oreo Shake 

Image of screenshot of oreo shake taken from Relishious App

A funky muddy milkshake, served in a cute flower pot. No matter how you put Oreo Cookies and Ice cream together, you know it’s going to be good. This cool, creamy, chocolaty treat is case in point. Available at Double Roti, Teynampet.

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Chocolate Milk Shake

Image of screenshot of chocolate milkshake from Relishious App

Spoil yourself with this classic Chocolate Milkshake. Simple yet delicious. Cold Milk, Chocolate Syrup and a dash of great taste. Available at Jonah’s meets Chef Willi, Alwarpet.

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Gelleto Milk Shake

image of screenshot of geleto shake taken from Relishious App

A deluxe version of our regular Gelatos. Vanilla, Strawberry, Bananas with oodles of Chocolate Gelato. Summer is just getting better, yea? Available at Tuscana Pizzeria, Nungambakkam.

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Hazelnut Shake – Mid Street

Image of screenshot of hazelnut shake from Relishious App

An Ice Cream Sundae that can be drunk through a straw. This original and divinely built dessert deserves all the attention it’ll probably get. Chocolate Ice Cream, Hazelnut Sauce, Hazel Nuts & Roasted Almonds. Winning. Available at Mid Street, Mogappair.

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It certainly rains on the parade a bit when you consider there’s an entire day’s worth of kilojoules in a single drink (and it takes some serious work to burn off) But hey, who doesn’t likes milkshakes? Especially in hot summers like this, you can’t say no to creamy milk, ice cream and your favorite flavors all in one icy cold drink.

Looking for a complete meal? Pair up your shake with a burger or a pizza?

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