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8 Specialty Coffees For A Coffee Nerd At The Brew Room In Chennai

Watch the magic brew at The Brew Room in Chennai.

When the deadlines get tighter, the clocks run faster and the long night is upon us once again, who do we turn to? Our favorite life-saver coffee of course!

Let’s face it most of us suffer from OCD, obsessive coffee disorder, that is. So we’ve taken this obsession to a whole new level by getting in touch with Yuvi and Rishika from Chennai’s first Micro-brewery, The Brew Room to get behind the art and science of their specialty coffees.

Making the Perfect Blend

Brew Room in Chennai uses five different types of coffee beans which form the base for all of the specialty coffees they offer; Yuvi explains “We use 100% Arabica for the Cold Drip, Juliene Peak for Vaccum Siphon, Chemex and Turkish, Bhoomadevi for the Dabara Coffee, Monsoon Arabica for Aeropress and Kaveri for all the Italian coffees.”

Their coffee beans are organic and sourced directly from a farmer through their consultant, he elaborates “A lot of cafes in India export the Level A beans and use Level B and C but we use only Level A beans which are grown in premium soil and picked in summer from a higher altitude”

Even though Brew Room has only been around for two years, they take pride in having mastered the trick of maintaining consistency, Yuvi Reveals “I know we’re only two years old but we are able to maintain consistency in taste across all our branches because we make sure our beans are sourced from the same supplier. The beans are sent to our consultant who roasts it and sends it to us every week. We don’t store coffee beans for more than thirty days and almost always we run out of beans by the end of the week, so there’s no wastage either.”

Image of the Brew Room in Chennai
The Coffee Lab

According to Yuvi, there is a science behind coffee making that most often goes unnoticed “The way the barista makes your coffee, the kind of water he uses, the kind of milk he uses, the temperature at which the milk boils, everything has to be perfect. If you brew the coffee even for a few extra seconds it tastes burnt or bitter.”

They have a blue book and they make sure everybody sticks to it; Rishika adds “We only grind the beans as and when the order comes so it’s always grind fresh. We use only full fat milk because only then the flavor is perfect. For every individual coffee that is ordered we measure the coffee powder and the quantity of milk/water on a weighing scale before it is brewed”

Vacuum Siphon

Vacuum Siphon is made with a variety of beans called Juliene Peak. This coffee follows a Japanese brewing method known as Vacuum Siphon.

When the Vacuum Siphon is being brewed, the aroma itself will get rid of any lazy vibes you have in the morning. The coffee maker has two chambers connected by a glass rod filter. 14 grams of freshly grind coffee powder is spread across the first chamber and wet with 20 ml of water. In the chamber below about 165 ml of water is poured and the whole apparatus is heated.

Image of Vacuum Siphon Coffee from Brew Room Chennai
The Vacuum Siphon Coffee Maker

After a couple of minutes the coffee is extracted from the first chamber and collected in the second one. The whole brewing process takes three to four minutes and they brew it only as and when the order comes.

Vacuum siphon is ideally served with rich and fresh Almond Milk which they make in-house. Since it has a shelf life of less than 24 hours, the Besant Nagar branch serves almond milk only on the weekends. It is available everyday at the Savera branch though.

Image of Vacuum Siphon Coffee from Brew Room in Chennai
The wait is over. Vacuum Siphon, ready to be relished


Chemex is a no-nonsense coffee which is also made with Juliene Peak and it tastes similar to Vacuum Siphon but only the brewing method is slightly different. They use 12 grams of coffee powder for every 175 ml of water.


Their exquisite Turkish coffee is made with Juliene Peak as well but the taste and the brewing process is completely different.

The brewing apparatus is known as Ibrik. 14 grams of freshly ground coffee powder, cardamom powder and 3 grams of sugar is added to 50 ml of water and the whole mix is brewed in the Ibrik for about four to six minutes.

In Turkey, the coffee powder itself comes with the spices and sugar but they don’t do that at

Brew Room because some people don’t want sugar with their coffee. Make sure you let them know your preferences when you place an order itself because sugar cannot be added to this coffee once the brewing is done.

The coffee is served in fancy Turkish-Silverware and the aroma is so delectable, you almost feel like you’re in Istanbul.

Since the flavor is pretty strong, the coffee comes in the size of a single shot. Don’t question the powder that settles at the bottom of your cup though, Turkish coffee is served without filtration to retain intense flavors.

Image of Turkish Coffee at Brew Room In Chennai
Turkish Coffee served in pretty silverware.

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Cold Drip

Cold drip or elegance in a wine glass as I call it, is very mild because it is made with 100% Arabica. Its brewed for over 18 hours and kept in the fridge to ferment for over 48 hours before its served, that’s why it’s also known as coffee wine.

The ratio used for Cold drip is 1:10 so for every 50 grams of coffee powder, 500 ml of water is added.

The Brew Room Dabara Coffee

The Brew Room Dabara Coffee is made with a variety of beans called Bhoomadevi. Unlike most of the coffee powders available in the city, Bhoomadevi doesn’t have chicory at all.

Dabara Coffee is one of Brew Room’s fastest moving specialty coffees. On a busy day they sell a minimum of 90 Dabara Coffees. Pretty soon, they will be selling the coffee powder as well because there has been quite a demand for it.

Classic Cappuccino

Cappuccino is made with Kaveri which has 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta. The temperature of the boiling milk plays a major role in getting the perfect cappuccino. It has to be boiled at 75 – 85 degrees and it even goes to 90 degrees because only then you’ll get the foam. Brew Room uses full fat milk to get the authentic flavor.

The decoction in Cappuccino is called the creamer; the texture of the creamer should resemble tiger skin. A great cappuccino has one third creamer, one third milk and one third foam. Before you drink the coffee you have to sprinkle sugar on the foam and eat it first.

Image of heating milk for coffee at Brew Room in Chennai

Café Latte

Café Latte is also made with Kaveri beans. Just like the cappuccino, the temperature of the boiling milk is important in making a good Latte as well. The milk here is boiled between 65 to 75 degrees and an espresso shot of 25 ml is added to it once boiled.

The flavor of a latte is milder in comparison to a cappuccino.

Image of speciality coffees from Brew Room In Chennai
The Classic Cappuccino and Latte


AreoPress is made with a variety of beans called Monsoon Arabica (It has only 10% Robusta). The flavor of this delicious coffee falls in between that of a French press and Chemex.

Image of Aero Press Coffee from Brew Room in Chennai
The Aero Press in action!

Where Magic Brews

Once were done with our three hour tasting session at the Brew Room in Besant Nagar I couldn’t help but notice how different the ambiance was from their branch in Savera, Rishika explains “The Savera Branch is always lively and bustling but we wanted this one (Besant Nagar) to be cozy and a place where you can just cut off from the world and relax.”

Image of interiors of Brew Room In Chennai

Just as we were getting ready to leave, I realized why Brew Room makes you want to come back. Brew Room in Chennai is way more than just coffee. It’s also about the warm welcomes, the extended efforts and unassuming smiles. The next time you have a coffee-craving, make sure you head over to one of their branches, where magic brews.

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