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8 North Indian Dishes Not to Miss In Chennai

Meat based curry
Rogan Josh @ Al Maza, Anna Nagar

Chennai has been doing justice to many North Indian flavors, be it veg or non veg fares. Here’s a list of eight dishes that should be tried when you visit a North Indian restaurant the next time.

  1. Rogan Josh
Meat based curry
Rogan Josh @ Al Maza, Anna Nagar

This is one of the signatures of the Kashmiri cuisine. Having a Persian origin, Rogan Josh is a delicious lamb curry that’s slow cooked. It is made by braising chunks of lamb in a delicious gravy consisting of shallots, yogurt, garlic, ginger and a range of aromatic spices. The chilies used in the dish are Kashmiri chilies, which give it that bright red color.

Where is it available? – Al Maza, Annanagar East

Cost – Rs 380

  1. Murgh Makhani
Image of North Indian Chicken based Curry
Murgh Makhani @ Zaica, Gopalapuram

It is a rich and flavorful indulgence originating from the state of Punjab. It was developed initially from the kitchens of Moti Mahal, Delhi. Butter Chicken is usually mildly spiced and of a creamy consistency. It is usually made by tandooring the chicken and sautéed in a spice mixture. As the name sounds, the dish consists of loads of butter, some cashew nut paste is used for thickening the gravy and the dish is garnished with fresh cream.

Where is it available? – Zaica, Gopalapuram

Cost – Rs 285

  1. Chole Bhature
Image of Chickpeas based North Indian curry
Chole Bhature

It is another delicious combination from the state of Punjab. It is usually eaten as breakfast in some parts of Delhi. The chole is prepared using chickepeas while the bathura are prepared from Maida flour and deep fried. The dish is commonly served with raw onions and a slice of lemon for that extra punch.

Where is it available? – Cream Centre, Nungambakkam

Cost – Rs 266


  1. Matar Paneer
Image of Cottage cheese based Noth Indian Curry
Matar Paneer

It is a vegetarian delicacy popular in the Northern regions of India. The dish consists of matar (peas) and paneer cooked in rich tomato gravy. The spice used to extract maximum flavor is garam masala. The paneer dish is usually eaten with hot chappathis or hot ghee rice.

Where is it available? – Delhi Highway, Egmore

Cost – Rs 250

  1. Sarson Ka Saag
Image of spinach based Punjabi curry
Sarson Ka Sag @ Pind, Velachery

This is a dish that requires the labor of love, time and patience to be prepared. Sarson Ka Saag translating to mustard greens is made with mustard leaves and spices. This dish is usually eaten during the winter season and they are known for their richness in iron and calories. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Where is it available? – Pind, Velacherry

Cost – Rs 190

  1. Dal Bati Churma
Image of Rajasthani Vegetarian platter
Dal Bati Churma

A typical Rajasthani treat having a combination of both sweet and savory dishes. It is a platter consisting of a semi – sweet Churma, a spicy Dal and a deep fried Bati. The Dal is made up of a variety of pulses. The Baati is made up of wheat flour which is rounded to a size of a tennis ball, tandoored in an oven till it becomes hard and later stuffed with ghee. The Churma is semi sweet and is made up of semolina, whole wheat flour and ghee.

Where is it available? – Sree Agarwal Bhojanaalay, George Town
Cost – Rs 155

  1. Dal Tadka
Image of lentil based North Indian curry
Yellow Dal Tadka @ Al Maza, Anna Nagar

One of the most popular dishes cooked in North India. The term tadka means tempering. In Dal Tadka, the lentils are cooked and are tempered with oil or ghee fried spices and herbs. The flavor of the dal lies in the process of tempering as it releases all the essential flavors and oils from the spices and herbs.

Where is it available? – Al Maza, Annanagar East

Cost – Rs 180

  1. Dum Aloo
Image of potato based North Indian curry
Dum Aloo

Belonging to the Kashmiri cuisine, Dum Aloo is made by deep frying baby potatoes and then cooking them in a flavorful aromatic gravy. The dish looks very colorful because of the use of Kashmiri chillies, which has a bright red color and a low spice level compared to the normal red chillies.

Where is it available? – Pind, Velacherry

Cost – Rs 180


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