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7 drinks to quench that summer thirst!

Summer is here! As the day is getting hotter, the demand for refreshing drinks to cool us down is no lesser. Amongst the temperature and humidity rising in the city, a glass of chilled, refreshing and light drink is a sure shot way to beat the heat. So this summer, whiz up some cool beverages in different flavors, as we slurped around the city to get you list of quenchers to make your every gulp as entertaining as it could be.

  1. Aam Panna (Raw mango drink)

This is a classical raw mango summer drink. Raw mangoes are stewed and spiked up with spices like cardamom, saffron, black pepper. Pour by a pitcher with heaps of ice, this concoction can be enjoyed by people of all ages. You can add flavors at the end to suit the state of your mind. You can always spice it up with other spices like black salt, fruit salt, ginger or a dash of cinnamon.

  1. Jal Jeera (Indian Spiced Lemonade)

A roasted cumin and lemon water cooler, flavored with black salt and mint. This lemony cuminy drink is not only a yummy thirst quencher, but also a digestive drink and an appetizing drink. The delicate flavor of cumin and the freshness of mint on a summer day are sure to cool you off.

  1. Jigarthanda

A cool refreshing beverage from streets of Madurai. Made from milk, nannari syrup, china grass and vanilla ice cream. This has a rosey flavor and Falooda like consistency. A delightful summer beverage which literally cools the heart.

  1. Nungu milk

The palm tree fruit (Nungu in Tamil) quencher. Made by mixing small pieces of Nungu to milk and served chilled. A refreshing drink to save you from the scorching sun. Nungu milk with its pleasant flavor will soothe you from head to toe.

  1. Flavoured buttermilk/Lassi

Buttermilk is the most popular drink in South India while Lassi in the North India. Made by beating yogurt, water and spices or sugar. A very refreshing drink known for its hydrating properties. This will cool your body and cure summer hydration problems as well.

  1. Rooh-e-afza

Your childhood is incomplete if you dint have Rooh-e-Afza at home as kids. The age old drink made from concentrated squash, vegetable and fruit extract, herbs, flowers and root with sweet rose scent, has the same composition till date. This refreshing drink keeps you active and energetic in the sultry summer.

  1. Iced Filter coffee

Filter coffee is too main stream in summer. To add zing to our usual filter coffee why not chill it? Fresh filter coffee, poured over ice cubes and had in summers can match no other. A twist of taste to our usual coffee.

So all you need is a good chilled drink to cool you off. Make it at home or get one from the store; stay cool, stay healthy this summer!


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