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7 Chilled Desserts Not To Miss In Chennai

Image of Icecreams among chilled desserts in chennai

We’ve never seen a problem that a dessert can’t fix! Come on, how stressed or sad can you feel holding an ice cream? Or maybe a cheesecake! Chennai’s heat doesn’t seem to die down. In this sultry climate, your tough boss and boring girlfriend/boyfriend would have already made the season muggier! So why not go around the city and cool off with some chilled desserts? The daunting task to pin point favorites hasn’t been easy, but Relishious is here to make that easy and give you an experience that would make you melt away! :)

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1. Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream @ Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream And Sorbet, Wallace Garden



A delicious mix of heavy cream, salted butter and sugar caramelized to churn out this smooth heavenly scoop of Ice- cream. A sure shot flavor to take your taste buds on a ride this summer. The perfect mix of salt and sugar makes this dessert perfect to beat the heat. Priced at Rs. 200 per scoop. Also available as Sundaes in combination with other delights!


  1. Chocolate Mousse @ Basil With a Twist, T Nagar

Image of Mousse from Chilled desserts in Chennai


Light, fluffy, heavy or creamy however you want it, chocolate mousse can make anybody drool anytime. The perfect combination of heavy cream, expresso and chocolate is what makes this dessert a luxury. It’s said a baker cannot make a mousse, only a skilled baker can. With that precision, Basil- with a twist makes the best chocolate mousse in town, priced at Rs. 280. It’s so addictive that you can’t just have one! Find more of what you just can’t miss here on the Relishious App (Andriod|iOS).


  1. Eiffel Tower @ Haggen Dazs, KNK Road/Phoenix Market City

Image of Icecreams among chilled desserts in chennai


Yes, it’s a name of a dish! Eiffel Tower shaped chocolate cut outs, cages scoops of ice creams like, cookie and cream, chocolate ice cream, cherries with a rich brownie base! This summer if you can’t chill out at Paris, you sure can cool down with this gratifying dessert. Priced at  Rs.795+Tax


  1. Blueberry Yogurt @ Menchie’s, KNK Road, Nugambakkam


For some people, ice creams in summers is just too mainstream. For such unique foodies, frozen yogurt can be a change. Ice cream’s tart-ier cousin with half calories cut down! Soft, creamy, blueberry flavored yogurt will not just refresh your mind, but your gut too. Available with various toppings of fruit compote, nuts and other crunchies, priced at Rs. 130/100 gms.  Find more of what you just can’t miss here on the Relishious App (Andriod|iOS).


  1. Dry Fruit Kesar Kulfi Falooda @ Novelty Tea House, Sowcarpet


Aren’t you already feeling heart good just by the name? Blame it on this heat mate! When dry fruits, kesar, milk and kulfi come together, you can’t expect anything less than blissful. Priced at Rs. 170. A similar rich treat, Special Falooda at The PalmShore, Ashok Nagar is also worth a try. Priced at Rs. 160. Find more of what you just can’t miss here on the Relishious App (Andriod|iOS).


  1. White Chocolate And Raspberry Cheesecake(WCRC) @ Lloyds Tea House, Alwarpet

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheese Cake_3

A rich medley of cream cheese and white chocolate, with a dash of raspberry is this cheesecake. Beautiful, classic, tangy, velvety, sweet and rich is what WCRC makes you feel. Priced at Rs. 180. Find more of what you just can’t miss here on the Relishious App (Andriod|iOS).


  1. Waffle Topped With Chocolate Ice Cream @ Waf-o-Bel, Nungambakkam



Super crisp on the outside, light on the inside, made from griddled batter is this golden dessert. Usually eaten with some syrup, fruits or ice cream, serves best as a summer breakfast! Available with various toppings like chocolate/vanilla ice cream, mixed berry compote and fresh fruits, each priced between Rs. 80-120. Find more of what you just can’t miss here on the Relishious App (Andriod|iOS).


Make sure you try out all and tell us if we have missed out any of your favorites. Rush to your nearest dessert hub today! Of course you can thank us later! :)


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