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7 Best Desserts In Chennai To Cool You Down This Summer

Image of Apple Pie with Ice Cream among best desserts in chennai taken from Relishious App

How can you make summer bearable? With some yummy in your tummy every once in a while. Get ready to plan your cheat days ahead of time because we just made a list of mouth-watering, best desserts in Chennai you can get from some of the finest restaurants in the city. From chilled goodness to creamy and heavenly, we’ve got everything covered.  We are bib-on, fork-ready, are you?


Image of screenshot of Theobrama desserts in chennai from Relishious App

Six cold, creamy melt-in-your-mouth layers of chocolaty goodness? Yes please! One order of Theobroma from That Madras Place can make your day. Theobroma is a wonderful medley of chocolate cake, white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge and cocoa dusting. Your first spoon-full of this heavenly indulgence is sure to mesmerize you, so much so that I consider eating this Theobroma an experience, its way more than just a sweet dessert to end your meal.

Tender Coconut Mousse

Image of Tender Coconut Mousse taken from Relishious App

Tender Coconut Mousse from Jonah’s Goes To Malabar Coast reminds you of the little pleasures in life. It is an ideal summer dessert with delicate of the tender coconut that help you beat the heat. Every spoonful slides down your mouth before you know it, leaving you refreshed. What’s more? The presentation is so cool! The tender coconut mousse is served in the coconut shell itself, fancy huh? For those of you who don’t eat egg, this dessert is egg-less.

Mango Cheesecake in a Glass

Image of screenshot of mango cheesecake taken from Relishious App

Who needs Mango juice when you can get a Mango Cheesecake in a glass? Make the most of this Mango season by ordering up a no bake Mango Cheesecake served in a glass at Cleo’s Grills & Cafe. Every Spoon-full is guaranteed to be as smooth as silk and the mango-flavored cream cheese makes it even more irresistible.  The crispy biscuit layer in the bottom of the glass gives the creamy cheesecake a much-needed crunch and the top layer of mango glaze is wonderfully sweet making this the greatest dessert of the summer. Make sure you devour this lip-smacking dessert before the mango season is over.



Tiramisu has always been a classic crowd-pleaser and we dare say that Bobby’s Bistro serves the best Tiramisu in town. What I love the most about this classic Italian dessert is the fact that it offers flavors for all kinds of people, it’s spongy, chocolaty and it’s spiked with strong flavors of coffee that even the pickiest eaters will fall in love with. Once you get a serving, you’ll be dreaming about Tiramisu for days before you convince yourself to get another slice. This cloud-like indulgence though sinfully delicious will never ever leave you feeling guilty, yeah it’s that GOOD!

Frozen Margarita

Image of screenshot of Green Apple frozen Margarita from Relishious App

Do you find Virgin Margaritas to be boring? Well, New Yorker takes it up a notch and serves you Frozen Margaritas that are perfect for a midweek summer motivational celebration with friends and colleagues. It’s salty, sweet, tangy and tarty flavours make you feel like there’s a party in your mouth. If you down one too soon, be prepared for the brain freeze though (I love it)! We have to warn you though, once you taste Frozen Margarita, we will bet you anything that you’ll double or triple your order before you leave.

Apple Pie with Honey and Ice Cream

Image of screenshot of Apple Pie Ice Cream from Relishious App

Tangerine serves juicy, succulent good old fashioned apple pie glazed with honey and accompanied by a scoop of cream vanilla ice cream. The apples are caramelized with honey and then baked to perfection which is why it gets that rustic look that tempts you so much. The warm and chunky pie goes well with a classic vanilla because the spices in the pie blend amazingly well with the vanilla flavour. The pie crust by itself is so mouth-watering; it’s flaky and rich. I find it appropriate to call it a dessert right out of a fairytale (Wink, wink).

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Image of screenshot of rasberry cheesecake from Relishious App

What’s creamy, swirly, luscious and chocolaty? White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, of course! This stunning White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake from Llyods Tea House comes bursting with flavors of summer. The specialty of this dessert is that it gets better when you serve it chilled 2 or 3 days after it is made. The cream cheese is light and frothy and the flavor of raspberries is kept mild. This creamy delight is perfect when you get stuck by the Monday blues and if you choose to end your day with this, that’s even better!

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