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5 Sizzlers To Jazz Up Your Evening In Chennai

Image of dish named paneer sizzler from Sizzlers in Chennai taken from Relishious App

Sizzlers are foods that sizzle… like literally! The sizzling comes from a hot iron plate where you will find all your ingredients like meats, veggies, fries, rice or mash… just before it hits your table, the chef/sous chef pours a delicious sauce onto the food plated up. When the sauce hits the hot pan, it sizzles sending throes of smoke around you whose subtle and not so subtle aroma hits your nose making your mouth water.

Looks like we might have already piqued some taste buds in the introduction. Don’t feel low! Here’s a list of some best sizzlers that Chennai has to offer.

Chilly Paneer Sizzler

image of chilly paneer sizzler at New yorker, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Chilly Paneer Sizzler at New Yorker’s is a must try for every vegetarian. Soft cubes of cottage cheese are prepared with different oriental sauces.  Comes to you on a hot platter with noodles rice as your base accompanied with some delicious crunchy fries and yummy stir fried vegetables.

New Yorkers have a few more variety of sizzlers on their menu. Get New Yorker’s Smart Menu on Relishious and get exploring now!


Fish Sizzler

Image of fish sizzler at Kobe Sizzlers, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Here’s something for the seafood lover. The Fish Sizzler at Kobe Sizzlers are made with a boneless pieces of fresh fish which is grilled with the sauce of your choice. Served with nine varieties of boiled veggies, this sizzling platter comes to you with wedges or mashed potatoes. And that’s not all, this yummy sizzler of Turkish origin comes with choice of sauces: Garlic, Pepper, Mushroom, Schezwan and Cheese Sauce.

Kobe is known for its amazing sizzlers and have a huge variety to offer. Get Kobe Sizzler’s Smart Menu on Relishious and explore good food you shouldn’t miss!


Grilled Chicken Sizzler

Image of grilled chicken sizzler at Cuckoo Club Diner taken from Relishious App

The Grilled Chicken Sizzler at Cuckoo Club Diner is an awesome platter has some rice, jacket potatoes, onion rings, batter fried pineapple and some deliciously tender chicken that is tossed in a yummy spicy sauce. This is one sizzler that will not only sizzle its way to your stomach but leave long lingering taste on your tongue.

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Cheese Josephine Baker

Image of Cheese 'Josephine Baker' at Tangerine, Chennai taken from Relishious App

The Cheese ‘Josephine Baker’ at Tangerine has a unique name and will leave you craving for more. This beautiful platter is served with some fresh mushrooms that are grilled the way you like it. With loads of hot pepper sauce slathered all over the mushrooms and served with a side of stir fry, a must try for a mushroom lover.

Tangerine offers a variety of other sizzlers as well. Get Tangerine’s Smart Menu on Relishious and explore lip smacking sizzlers you shouldn’t miss! 


Chicken Almondine Sizzler

Image of screenshot of Chicken Almondine Sizzler at Copper Kitchen, Chennai taken from Relishious App

The Chicken Almondine Sizzler at Copper Kitchen is another unique sizzler. Chicken is stuffed with a mix of almonds and mincemeat and crumb fried. This crispy fried chicken is cut into rounds and served on a hot platter with pulao rice, veggies and loads of pepper sauce poured all over the delicious chicken.

There’s lots more you shouldn’t be missing at Copper Kitchen. Get Copper Kitchen’s Smart Menu on Relishious and get ready to indulge!


So head out there on a rainy evening and enjoy a hot sizzling platter of some great food. If you feel we have missed out on a great sizzler out there, leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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