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5 Must Haves At Amadora, Serving Best Ice Creams In Chennai

Image of Strawberry Ice Creams at Amadora, Chennai

Ice Creams on its own are magical, so what happens when you decide to have an ice-cream at one of our city’s finest Gourmet Ice Cream shop? You’ll be seeing rainbows before you know it! Amadora is known for offering unique flavors that are of inimitable quality. We’ve put together a list of some of their best-sellers to make it easier for you to order the next time you decide to pay them a visit. Summer is here and that means we have an unlimited license to have all the ice-cream we want, right? So go ahead and dig in guys!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Image of IceCreams from Amadora, Chennai
Double Chocolate Almond Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

What’s better than Ice Cream you ask? It would absolutely, positively have to be a scoop of ice cream (Of your choice) sandwiched between two chewy and freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies. This is a flawless combination and when you take a first bite; your worries will melt away to a whole other world. This is basically vacation on a plate, you guys. I usually go for a scoop of any chocolaty Ice cream (You can never go wrong with chocolate right?) but if you feel like experimenting, these guys have some crazy and delicious flavors you could go for.

Under-baked Chocolate Chunk Bar with Five Bean Vanilla Ice Cream

Image of IceCreams from Amadora, Chennai
Under Baked Chocolate Chunk Bar

This under-baked cake is ooey, gooey, rich and utterly delicious. The flavor of the chocolate isn’t too sweet so if you’re having a rough day you can down it all by yourself with no trouble at all. You might think this warm cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is a no-brainer.  But their Five Bean Vanilla has enough charm to stand all on its own. Its creamy,rich and subtle flavors make it the perfect choice to accompany a cake that’s literally oozing strong flavors of cocoa.

Fruits Sorbets

Image of Sorbet from Amadora, Chennai
Grape Sorbet

With the summer coming and all, Sorbets are the perfect choice to cool you off in a jiffy. They have simple flavors so they make for a refreshing snack to beat the heat during Chennai summers if you ask me.  The trick in getting a perfect sorbet is to make sure it’s not too icy or too sweet and I must say these guys have nailed it. Every scoop of these sorbets have subtle flavors that captures the essence of the fruit and it’s definitely not high on sugar, so by all means, go for it!

Salted Caramel Ice cream

Image of IceCreams from Amadora, Chennai
Salted Butter Caramel Xocolat IceCream

It’s smooth, it melts in your mouth and it has the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors. This buttery, creamy goodness can transform your day in a matter of minutes and have you coming back endlessly. If you think about it, this ice-cream is almost philosophical no? Life is a balance of sweet and salty moments and this ice-cream stands as the perfect definition of just that. So dig in, sink into a comfortable chair and let your thoughts run free.

Hail Mary Sundae

Image of Sundae from Amadora, Chennai
Hail Mary Sundae

This one has a scoop of five bean vanilla ice cream, a scoop of xocolat, some under baked cake, a swirl of salted butter caramel and a fudge ripple, need I say more? I’m sure the description alone is enough convincing for foodies. This magical Sundae explodes in your mouth and fills your heart up with enough chocolate to last for a week. Is this what heaven is made of? Yes! We think so.


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