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4 Must Try Sizzlers At Tangerine To Demistify!

Image of Sizzlers at Tangerine taken from Relishious App

As you’re sitting at a restaurant and waiting for your food, a sizzling platter whizzes past you. The aromatic smokiness of the sizzler hits your nose and you can’t help feeling, “Oh! I should have ordered that!”

Sizzlers are served on a hot platter with all the yumminess piled upon it. Rice, Noodles, gravy, meats, veggie, fries or potato mash! Its your whole meal on one sizzling plate. Tangerine is a multi cuisine restaurant which specializes in sizzlers. They have a huge variety of sizzlers for every taste bud. You won’t feel left out! You will be spoiled for choices.

We, at Relishious have put together a list of delicious sizzlers for you to enjoy! Get Relishious and start exploring Tangerine’s Smart Menu. Bookmark all the sizzlers you wouldn’t want to miss. With Relishious on your phone, you don’t have to spend time deciding what to order at the table. Go ahead, plan your meal way before you dine in.


Fricase Mushroom and Corn

Image of screenshot of Fricase Sizzler at Tangerine taken from Relishious App

Fricase Mushroom and Corn is a Cajun style spiced veggie sizzler. Fresh mushrooms and corn are finished with a layer of Cajun spiced cheese, all of it served on  bed of rice and plated on a hot sizzling platter with sautéed vegetables and yummy jacket potatoes. Team this sizzler with a cool glass of Blue Hawaiian.


Chicken Tarragon

Image of screenshot of chicken Tarragon sizzler at Tangerine taken from Relishious App


Chicken Tarragon is a chicken sizzler with a difference! The deliciously tender chicken breast is seasoned with spices. It is then doused with some seriously yummy excess mushroom sauce and some delicious tarragon sauce, giving it the name. All this served on hot platter with sautéed vegetables and a sinful side of creamy mashed potatoes. Don’t forget to order a Tangerine Fizz to keep you company!


Fillet of Fish ‘Moutrade’

image of screenshot of Fillet of Fish ‘Moutrade’ Sizzler at Tangerine taken from Relishious App

Fillet of Fish ‘Moutrade’ is a hot fishy sizzler which has a fresh fillet of fish which is marinated with mustard, oregano, chili flakes and garlic. All these rustic flavours are soaked and locked into the fish once it is grilled to a flaky soft consistency. Plated on a sizzling platter, the fillet is served with sides of julienne veggies stir fried and hot creamy mash potatoes. Team this up with an Iced Mint Tea which is soothing after all the spice.


Chicken Bell Peppers

Image of screenshot of Chicken Bell peppers sizzlers at Tangerine taken from Relishious App

Chicken Bell Peppers is a tender piece of chicken breast seasoned with herbs. Tossed with tri colour pepper: yellow, red and green and topped with lots of excess pepper and wine sauce. This beautiful dish is served on a hot plate with stir fried veggies and some awesome creamy mash. Pair it with a refreshing Strawberry Daiquiri to satiate the thirst in you.


All the talk of the smoky sizzlers is making your mouth water. Head out to Tangerine with your friends or family and enjoy a nice lunch of so many varieties of sizzlers Tangerine has to offer.

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