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2 Tasty Treats Not To Miss At New Yorker, Chennai

Image of Treats at New Yorker taken from Relishious App

Come Friday, we get ready for a fun weekend filled with relaxation, happiness and hearty indulgence at some of Chennai’s best restaurants. After a whole week of slogging it out at work, the one thing we would love is having everything taken care of, while we just sit back and enjoy the view. Well, we don’t offer to plan your whole weekend, but we came up with the next best thing. We’ve put together collections of three course meal for two at New Yorker and we’ve handpicked some of the best. We call it the Tasty Treats at New Yorker. So loosen up, let us do the choosing and you take care of the indulging.

The Sizzle & Shake Treat

Image of Treats at New Yorker taken from Relishious App


Starter: Jalapeño Poppers

Image of screenshot of treats from New Yorker, Chennai taken from Relishious App

Golden fried fiery Jalapenos stuffed with a generous dollop of stringy mozzarella cheese. Pop one in your mouth, you’ll be popping ten in before you know it. (Maybe that’s why they’re called poppers? Wink, Wink).  The first bite sized popper you bite into is always the best, there’s a wonderful burst of flavors in your mouth. The sizzle of the fiery jalapenos and the gooey melt-in-your-mouth-cheese is definitely the best combination ever. So don’t look for reasons to eat these crumbly, fiery, melt in your mouth, bite-sized poppers, just dig in!

Main Course: Italian Sizzler

Image of Screenshot of Italian Sizzler, treats from New Yorker taken from Relishious App

You can never go wrong with this hearty and flavorful Italian Sizzler. You want to know why? It has Penne pasta tossed in Arrabiata sauce, mild basil flavored aromatic rice, garden fresh vegetables tossed in a robust tomato sauce. Wait..there’s more! All this served with herbed and buttered jacket potatoes, corn topped with a generous drizzle of cheese and classic French Fries. It has all the makings to be known as the ultimate sizzler or even superstar sizzler if you will. (Ahem, ahem) Now is there anything that can beat this combination? We don’t think so.

If you’ve ordered the Italian Sizzler, you know there’s very little room for anything more!

Drinks: Kit Kat Shake and Blue Paradiso

Image of screenshot of treats from NewYorker, taken from Relishious App

Having dessert after a meal is too mainstream! Why don’t you have a Kit Kat Shake instead? Thick Milkshake with a sinful blend of silky ice-cream, cold chocolate and whole milk topped off with bits of Kit Kat. Just eating a Kit-Kat will never be the same after you try this milkshake transformation.

Image of screenshot Blue Paradiso treats from NewYorker taken from Relishious App

Blue Paradiso looks just as breezy as it tastes. This refreshing drink has a spoonful of Blue Curacao blended with Seven Up and the whole drink is kicked with slices of lemon and a cherry for decoration. Grab this delicious concoction and beat the heat in style.

Enjoy this treat for Rs. 929


The Pasta Fiesta Treat

Image of treats at New Yorker taken from Relishious App


Starters: American Cheese Corn Balls

Image of screenshot of American Cheese Balls treats from New Yorker Chennai taken from Relishious App

Golden corn in ooey gooey cheese is one of man’s best discoveries. What happens when you decide to fry this heavenly combination? You get a crunchy, soft-centered and mind boggling starter that is simply irresistible – The American Cheese Corn Balls. Fresh sweet corn kernels are ground and mixed with a handful of whole kernels, cheese and made into balls before deep frying. When you bite into these cheese corn balls, the soft center is even more mouth-watering than the crunchy outer layer. So make sure you go for this tempting starter because this one is definitely a snack to relish and remember.

Main Course: Two Ring Pasta

Image of screenshot of the two ring pasta treats from New Yorker Chennai taken from Relishious App

Why have one pasta if you can have two thrown together in one dish? Innovative, beautiful, flavorful and mouth-watering, this two ring pasta from New Yorker is definitely a must-try. Golden corn and crunch capsicum are sautéed in butter; a rich and creamy cheese sauce is added to the veggies and then mixed with freshly boiled macaroni. This cheese sauce macaroni forms the inner ring of this dish. For the outer ring, spaghetti is tossed in Arabiatta sauce along with Spanish olives and a generous drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and fresh Italian herbs. Whether you mix it up and have it together or decide to eat it ring after ring, this pasta is definitely unforgettable. You could even call this a juxtaposition of two heavenly flavors.

Drinks: Virgin Mojito And Ferrero Rocher Shake

Image of screenshot of Virjin Mojito treats from New Yorker taken from Relishious App

This summer, the only things we need to embrace are mocktails. Luckily, New Yorker serves some of the most popular mocktails like the Virgin Mojito. Virgin Mojito is basically summer in a glass. Mint on its own is the most refreshing flavor so that with lemon juice and sparkling soda blended together is decidedly the most delicious way to cool down on a hot summer day.

Image of screenshot of Ferrero Rocher Shake treats from New Yorker taken from Relishious App

Ferrero Rocher Shake is another decadent silky shake you’d just love to sip in to. As luscious as the Kit Kat Shake, this one’s got a big fan following.

Enjoy this treat for Rs. 901


How do you find these collections? Would you like to make one of your own? You can now! Explore more such good food recommendations on the Relishious App and use the Smart Menu to make your very own irresistible collections. Try them and don’t forget to share them with us. After all, happiness is best when shared. And good food always brings big smiles!

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