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2 South Indian Dinner Treats You Should Try At Nellai Xpress, Chennai

Image of dinner treats at Nellai Xpress taken from Relishious App

Do you want to rely on some good old South Indian comfort food this weekend? Well, good news! We’ve gone that extra mile to make your weekend special by planning two dinner treats at Nellai Xpress for you to choose from and dine. We’ve picked some of the very best Nellai Xpress has to offer, so all you have to do is make reservations for two and enjoy your meal from start to finish.

A Nellai Biryani Dinner 

Image of dinner treats at Nellai Xpress taken from Relishious App


Chicken Idiyappam Biriyani

Image of screenshot of Idiyappam biriyani taken from Relishious app

Do you love Biriyani? Now imagine, what if the quintessential biriyani got a wild makeover? That’s what Chicken Idiyappam Biriyani is. In this dish, freshly steamed string hoppers are used in place of rice. These string hoppers are slow cooked with locally sourced chicken pieces along with aromatic South-Indian spices to make this Chicken Idiyappam Biriyani an ideal and light one pot meal for dinner. Every spoonful with a hint of fresh Raita is just the right amount of experimentation a fun weekend calls for. When in doubt, always experiment with Biriyani!

Kola Urandai

Image of screenshot of kola urandai taken from Relishious App

Why have Spaghetti with Meat Balls when you can have Kola Urundai and Idiyappam Biriyani instead. Kola Urundai is every meat lover’s dream come true. The first step includes grinding the staple South-Indian spices. Once the spice mix is ready, the minced lamb meat is mixed with it and made into balls. These meat balls are then batter fried till they turn golden. I would say Kola Urundai is more than just a starter; it makes you feel nostalgic and brings back memories of the times your grandmother made these just for you. Oder up and enjoy, because no Tamil Virundhu is complete without the crispy and spicy Kola Urundai.

Aatu Kari Dosai

Image of screenshot of Aatu Kari Dosai taken from Relishious App

This Aatu Kari Dosai is basically the aroma of Madurai right on your plate.  Tender lamb is cooked with special Chettinadu spices and it is simmered on a low flame till the meat absorbs the flavors. This curry is garnished with coriander and stuffed inside a crispy, wafer thin Dosai and served to you on banana leafs set on a plate.  Every bite of this Kari dosai reminds of Madurai’s famous Mutton Kari Dosai. Nellai Xpress takes their Kari Dosais very seriously, so they use a heirloom recipe for the Aatu Kari and any dish that can transport you to a whole other place is bound to be awesome, no?


Image of screenshot of Vatlappam taken from Relishious App

Vatlappam is a very famous Sri Lankan delicacy. This coconut custard pudding is made with eggs, jaggery and coconut milk which are mixed together and steamed. Once the pudding is ready to be served it is garnished with a generous amount of pistachios and cashews. Vatlappam is very rich and mesmerizing and it also has a lot of protein and carbohydrates. If it is made the traditional way, this dessert is also said to cure acidity. So Vatlappam is the dessert that has a balance of health and taste. Be warned though, you cannot finish the dessert all on your own, since even small portions can be heavy, do share one with your partner and cool down your body as your taste buds enjoy the treat.

Enjoy this treat for Rs.840


The Nellai Parotta Dinner 

Image of dinner treats at Nellai Xpress taken from Relishious App


Godhumai Parotta

Image of screenshot of wheat parotta taken from Relishious App

Who can say no to the good old South Indian flat bread made with a drizzle of ghee? This flaky, golden, crisp and irresistible Parotta or even Barotta if you want to go authentic; is the perfect accompaniment to anything and everything. Seriously, I could gulp down a Parotta even with a side of Bread Halwa if I have to.

Natu Kozhi Salna  

Image of screenshot of Natu Kohi Salna from Relishious App

Nellai’s Nattu Kozhi Salna is a tangy and healthy tomato based gravy cooked with tender country chicken. It goes very well with Parotta, rice and roti. The country chicken is first marinated with some salt and turmeric and set aside. Then a mix of special Nellai Spices are roasted and ground fresh along with some coconut. After this, roasted tomato and onion are pureed. The country chicken is now let to simmer on a low flame along with the freshly ground Nellai spice mix and onion tomato puree till it’s done. This bright colored curry is so tempting; you’ll be downing many Parottas with a bowl of Natu Kozhi Salna before you know it.

Kozhi Parotta

Image of screenshot of kohi parotta taken from Relishious App

If you thought the Aatu Kari Dosai was awesome, wait till you try Kozhi Parotta. You’ll be so spoilt for choice; you’ll end up ordering both. Tender chicken pieces are simmered on a medium flame with secret Chettinadu spices and cooked till the gravy reaches a close to semi-dry consistency. Once the chicken pieces soak up the immense flavors, this delectable gravy is then stuffed inside flaky and crisp wheat parottas and cut into four triangles to make sure you can bite into it easily. You are sure to savor each bite. Once you bite into the crispy and chicken curry absorbed parotta, you’ll get lost in the medley of Chettinadu flavors bursting in your mouth. You’ll come back for seconds and maybe even thirds. Before you know it, your meal will be complete with just one wholesome serving of this Kozhi Parotta.

Aatu Kari Chukka

Image of screenshot of aatu kari chukka from Relishious App

Everybody who has had this Aatu Kari Chukka only says one thing; you can NEVER stop with just one. This semi-dry dish is lip-smacking and a favorite among Chettinadu food lovers. It has spices in abundance so, every bite is sure to pack a punch. Boneless mutton pieces are marinated with extra spicy Chettinadu spice mix and let to soak up the spices for about thirty minutes. The mutton pieces are then let to cook and once down it is fried with ginger, garlic, tomato and onion till the mutton gets coated well. Once done, Aatu Kari Chukka is served with a generous garnish of coriander, curry leaves and two tomato slices. Grab your spoon and get ready to be mesmerized.

Bread Halwa

Image of screenshot of bread halwa taken from Relishious App

Bread Halwa definitely falls under the simple yet mouth-watering pleasures that life offers. It is made with no fuss ingredients yet remains to be as majestic as a Thirunalveli Halwa. Milk or sweet bread are broken down into small pieces and fried in desi ghee till it gets golden brown. The bread is then simmered in a mixture of milk, freshly ground almond paste, cardamom and cashews. This luscious, rich, melt-in-your-mouth halwa is just what you need to end a wonderful South Indian meal. This is what Yummy in your tummy really means, doesn’t it?

Enjoy this treat for Rs.870

How do you find these dinner treats from Nellai Xpress? Would you like to make one of your own? You can now! Explore more such good food recommendations on the Relishious App and use the Smart Menu to make your very own irresistible collections. Try them and don’t forget to share them with us. After all, happiness is best when shared. And good food always brings big smiles!

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