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10 Best Starters In Chennai That Are Unique And Appetizing

Mutton Fritters, Kari Katti Gola
Thanjavur Kair Katti Gola

Are you bored of trying the same starters every time you dine out? Here are some unique starters in Chennai from restaurants around the city. Be sure to try them and let us know your thoughts.


Did you know? – Appetizers are the first taste of any meal which tantalize your taste buds and increase your appetite.


  1. Garlic Lemon Prawns

Start your meal with a zest. Garlic Lemon Prawns are a zesty prawn starter where, the prawns are battered in a tangy batter and deep fried with loads of pepper and garlic. Try eating this starter along with some herbed rice.

Image of screenshot of dish garlic lemon prawn starter from Relishious App



  1. Chicken Schnitzel

Schnitzel is a meat made by pounding them hard to make them flat and thin. Chicken Schnitzel is made by pounding and frying chicken breasts. Tenderized pieces of boneless chicken is fried, garnished with herbs, Parmesan crusted bread crumbs and served with chipotle hot sauce.


Image of screenshot of Chicken Shnitzel starter taken from the Relishious App


Did you know? – An Appetizer should not be hard to eat. It should be light as well as tempting.


  1. Crostini Siciliani

This starter consists of crunchy warm bread topped with four different pete toppings. Tomato pete for tangy taste, Olive pete for savory taste, exotic egg plant, caper topping and lovely artichokes. Experience different taste in every bite!

Image of screen shot of Italian Starter from the Relishious App



  1. Zucchini Fritters

These are thin fried zucchini roundels. It’s a simple starter that tastes absolutely delicious. Farm fresh zucchinis are cut into thin slices and batter fried to a delicious crisp texture. This is one healthy starter that is served along with a spicy dip.



  1. Yakitori Skewers

It is a Japanese styled chicken skewers grilled along with three colored peppers and a Yakitori sauce. The combination of chicken and the soy flavor from the Yakitori sauce gives it a distinct taste. It is served along with roasted baby potatoes.


Image of screenshot of Japanese skewers starters in Chennai taken from the Relishious App


Did you know? – The flavors of the appetizers are often coordinated with the flavors of the main dish, unless it is an a la carte. 


  1. Insalata Toscana

This starter is in the form of a salad made with fresh pears and nuts. Beautiful fresh pear mixed with pine nuts, black olives and mixed lettuce, tossed in a herb vinaigrette dressing. It is sprinkled with feta Cheese and served with a wedge of garlic bread.

Image of screenshot of salad dish taken from Relishious App



  1. Chilli Cheese Toast

A specialty starter that is loved by vegetarians. Being on the most popular toast in town, triangular cut breads are topped with chili, loads of cheese and toasted in an oven. It is served along with some thin slices of freshly cut veggies.

Image of screenshot of Chili Cheese Toast starters in Chennai taken from Relishious App


  1. Cheese Balls

Who doesn’t love cheese? For the cheese lovers out there this is your perfect starter! Crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside, these cheese balls are made with just cheese that are battered, breaded in crumbs, deep fried and served hot!

Image of screenshot of Cheese Ball starters in Chennai taken from Relishious App



Did you know? – Appetizers are the foreplay of meals. Great appetizers get you in the mood; they get you excited about what else lays in store for you. Similarly, bad appetizers can get things off to a bad start, leaving you wondering if the rest your experience will be any better. 


  1. Thanjavur Kair Katti Gola

The recipe behind making this still remains a secret. But do we actually need the recipe when we are at the restaurant? No! Just bite into wholesome spicy goodness of the mutton balls that are held together with a twine.

Image of screenshot of Kola Urandai starters in chennai taken from the Relishious App

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  1. Malai Paneer Tikka

These are a melt in mouth tikkas that are made from a creamy yogurt marinated paneer cubes that are grilled to perfection in a tandoor. They are garnished with shredded cabbage and tomato slices. Truly a melt in mouth experience!


Image of screenshot Malai paneer tikka starters in Chennai taken from Relishious App

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Appetizers are the first step and it has to be great. Else the whole meal goes for a toss. So pick wisely before you jump on your meal.


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