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Waffled By More Waffles – You Ready?

Strawberry And Banana Crepes

Waffles thru the day, located at Indira Nagar – Adyar, is one of a kind waffles café where you get waffles, griddle pancakes, crepes, hot beverages, salads etc to gratify your sweet tooth and savory palette. They have a warm and an welcoming ambience, thanks to their soft lighting. It was started by the lovely couple Minakshi and Anand, who was inspired to start Waffles thru the day after their visit to the famous pancakes house and wanted this café to be on par with five star restaurants in terms of both quality and freshness. Minakshi makes sure that the waffle batter, the pie fillings and every other minute thing are made fresh everyday to perfection without any compromise.

Lamb minced Pie
Lamb minced Pie

So what makes Waffles so perfect at Waffles thru the day?

“Having the waffles crisp on the outside and soft on the side making waffles a science to be mastered”

There is nothing more special than going classic, with their classic waffles topped with fresh strawberries, drenched in syrup and finished with a dollop of fresh cream.

If you want to go savory, try their Mediterranean waffles with olives, corns, spinach and feta.

Mediterranean Savory Waffles

Having a bite through your waffle, sipping on some hot chocolate and gossiping with our buddies is all we need at the end of the day.

With numerous choices in their menu, one can leave the place only wanting more and never out of hunger.

For those who feel travelling to Adyar might be strenuous; here is some sweet news for you!

Waffles Thru The Day, Wallace Garden
Waffles Thru The Day, Wallace Garden

‘Waffles thru the day’ is now open at Wallace Garden, Nungambakkam! Hooray!!

So what is new at their Nungambakkam branch?

Waffles Thru The Day, Wallace Garden restaurant image
Waffles Thru The Day, Wallace Garden

There is a light change in their timings for the new branch, operating from 11am – 11pm. They have breakfasts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to munch on some tasty food with your close ones. Although there are no buffet systems available at the new branch, you have something more exciting! You can now have your own private kitty party at the first floor with prior intimation of the same. The floor can accommodate a maximum of ten persons!
So grab your keys, your buddies and go Waffa-lishious!

P.S. The lemon tea served at Waffles thru the day is on the house. Have your taste buds go crazy by adding loads of maple syrup or sprinkling cinnamon powder to the lemon tea! The choice is yours!



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