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The Sugary Trail

The word “dessert” originated from the French word desservir “to clean the table”. For a person always on a sugar high like me, I take cleaning the dessert table seriously!

Belgian Waffle, Strawberry HD Shake, Blueberry frozen yogurt, Flour less chocolate cake, petit cheesecake, Vanilla cupcake, white chocolate truffle ball and the list goes on!

No I have not read out the menu card of any dessert serving place, these are the things I got to indulge my insatiable sweet tooth at the DESSERT WALK in KNK road last Saturday evening!

Never did I know, that there is so much to discover at our neighborhood, till I joined the trail, welcomed with a warm smile and a flashy cute orange wrist band, gave a game show atmosphere. Starting from Haagen-Dazs where it was starting to get crowded with people who joined the dessert trail. The kid in me wanted to jump in to all the delectable and luxurious looking desserts. I held my horse and took a cozy, bright, road facing corner. I was served with a generous portion of tempting Belgian waffle with bold and inspired caramel sauce; three different flavors of ice creams and thick strawberry HD shake in a shot glass.

Every dessert was toothsome, demanding to be eaten all at once. The freshly baked golden waffle with the sauce took me to dessert heaven from the very first bite. So did the flavorful, melt and feel ice creams and washed it down with thick tasty Strawberry HD Shake!

Then I rushed to Menchies, the frozen yogurt heaven! Its very difficult to choose a flavor, when you love all of them. I took the painful decision of choosing one and settled down with my Blueberry yogurt with blueberry compote, walnuts and jelly! The bright and innocent looking thing, did not take much time to make me fall in love with it! Totally! I wasn’t sure if it was yogurt or some silky creamy edible cloud! My sugar high was satisfied. I left the place, a happy person.

Sandy’s, the chocolate laboratory was my last dessert hub for the evening. The orange wrist band made us be treated as VIPs. As I sat down for my final sweet course, I was served the set menu of the trail, all bite size serving of soft petit cheesecake, hard outside with gooey center white chocolate truffle ball, wet, delicate and scrumptious flour less chocolate cake, a very cute looking vanilla cup cake with frosting and dark chocolate milk shake in a Beaker (Yes a laboratory beaker!)

The three hour of sweet indulgence, left me with sugar haze, delight & repose. Every place has its own flavor, taste and uniqueness. Desserts embody their creator’s story, and each story enriches the taster’s experience.  The dessert walk was indeed a discovery of gourmet, which I may not have tried if not this way. Every dessert dazzled on the table without burning a hole in my pocket, with goodies that many of us have never tasted before.  It was an experience of a kind.

WARNING! This tour is not for the faint hearted; only those who can handle a serious sugar overload need apply next time.

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Niha Fathima

Niha Fathima, a Food Technologist by Degree, an ex- food Research Analyst, and a Creative Content Strategist by profession. Passionate Writer. A Food Enthusiast, live to cook, serve, eat, enjoy, criticize, admire and experiment. Loves shopping, travelling, chocolates, Bow Pins & Mom-made. Determined dreamer, collector of moments, Optimist & easily forgiving. Afraid of Dogs, Pimples & Dark. Wanting to be a food entrepreneur someday and believes in making every day count.

  • Natasha

    Gave me a sugar high by just reading this.. Looking forward to some more relishiousness.

  • Mukundan

    Awesomeness!!! This article would make a non-desert lover to go for it as reading this is so flavorful !!

    Expecting the next! !

  • Katheeja

    Wow! Masha Allah Niha

  • Zahina

    This post has really left a sugary trail deep in my heart…..slurp!slurp!
    Dessert walk here I come…..:-)