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Celebrate Love – Every Day with Your Loved Ones

Celebrate Love
Express Or Nominate And Win

Half way through February, it’s just not that the weather is pleasant but the air is filled with a feeling of love. Suddenly you start seeing more hearts, more reds, more pinks, more flowers, and more chocolates. More of everything that has some connotation with love and romance. Every brand and every business starts selling love, love and more love. They all want us to love and express our love with the products they sell. Suddenly everyone seems so nice.

Ask people ‘What is Love?’

Whatever, any amount of commercialization doesn’t seem to take away the spirit of love. It only seems to increase. Good for us, isn’t it? You walk up to someone and ask, ‘What is Love?’. People blush! They smile, laugh and giggle. Sometime they are startled; rolling their eyes, nodding their heads or going blank.

First Thoughts and Further Reflections

Talk about love, the first thought occurs to most is ‘Romantic Love’. With so many epics, poets, novels and movies celebrating this genre of love, it is our default state when you are young or young at heart. Give them a minute to think, so much more comes out. You hear variety of different feelings, states and attitudes – interpersonal affection to their passion in life. Father, mother, wife, lover, kids, family, car, food, job, people love many things and the list seem endless.


One Question, Many Feelings

It is surprising to see the power of one simple question, ‘What is Love?’ and the feeling it evokes. It reminds us of so many people and brings back many events happened in our lives. We relive many feelings that we went through so many years ago. Many stories that we have forgotten for long comes alive. We become young again, we travel hundreds or thousands of miles in seconds. We laugh, reflect and sometimes cry.

Yet, Love Needs Reminders

Indeed, love is a powerful emotion, yet we forget it often. It gets rusted in the hustle bustle of daily life. But the feeling is always there. But without expression, its often never understood. Small acts of love every now and then not only make our loved ones happy, it makes us a happier person.

Let’s Celebrate It Everyday

At every stage in our lives, there is someone who has changed our life completely. As we grow up, it moves from parents to siblings, playmates, friends, classmates, colleagues, wife, kids, family, our city, county and the list goes on. Love for one doesn’t diminish another. With so many relationships to be celebrated, let’s celebrate every day.

Come spread the love by being part of Celebrate Love – An Online Event. Here’s how you can be part of this event.

  1. Express it with a selfie, dubmash, story or anything absolutely creative. Let’s touch a heart that means so much to you.
  2. You can also nominate someone whom you think deserves a pat for the way he/she expressed his love for a being or a thing. Nominate by sharing their post or simply share your thoughts on the event page.

What more? Winners get Rs.1000 worth dinner treats every day to celebrate with your loved ones. Hurry! Event ends on Feb 28, 2016.



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