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A Toast To Nutella On World Nutella Day

Nutella spreads worldwide

One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide -Telegraph

And you don’t have to be a chocoholic to enjoy Nutella! Today is World Nutella Day. The tradition of celebrating Feb 5 as World Nutella Day was started by a fan back in 2007. Ever since then, fans from round the globe have joined in to celebrate the joy of enjoying this chocolatey spread.

Nutella Donuts
Delectable donuts topped with Nutella ganache and chopped hazelnuts


Here are few tidbits about Nutella.

It’s made by combining hazelnut and little cocoa along with palm oil, sugar and few other ingredients. The name Nutella was similarly a combination of the English word ‘nut’ and a latin suffix used for something sweet ‘ella’. It was created in the 1940’s and was initially named Giandujot after a famous local carnival character at the time. It was then produced as a block which could be sliced and served on bread. It was late transformed in to the luscious creamy spreadable joy that we enjoy today.

Nutella is made by the same company that makes Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Ferrero SpA, owned by Michele Ferrero, Pietro Ferrero’s son- one of Italy’s wealthiest. It gained popularity in no time that markets in Italy would offer children free pieces of bread with Nutella smears, known as ‘The Smearing!’

This very eventful product was introduced as a cheaper alternative to chocolates during the Second World War when there was a shortage of cocoa. Ever since then Nutella has evolved and has found a place for itself in literally every home. While a 160 gms jar costs about Rs.170, local grocers carry cheaper economical packets which you could just grab and lick!

Crepes and Nutella
Crepes – Be it our dosa or a pancake, Nutella pairs as a great dip.

Though adverts might boast of Nutella having high nutritional value, we all know it’s full of sugar and fat! But does that stop us from indulging? Been around for a little over 50 years and probably one of most creatively used food product. Add it for quick fix cakes, brownies, milkshakes, cold coffee and mousses’ or douse it on to your ice cream or on to anything savoury for that matter, you’ll end up with something absolutely toothsome!

Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake


Here’s probably the simplest way to relish a brownie in no time, the Nutella way!

Nutella adventures as we may rightly call it. There seem to endless uses of this seemingly simple spread, some totally weird cook ups to just what you’d expect, the world wide web throws up tons of recipes from Nutella fans around the globe.

Baked Pear Dumplings – Stuffed with Nutella and cheese, wrapped in dough and baked.
A medley of Nutella, Cream and Condensed milk.

Share your wise crack ideas on how best to put this creamy delight to use.

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  • Raja

    Sweet days start with Nutella, isn’t it? Many wars could have be thwarted if Nutella is shared as mark of friendship!