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A Street Food Festival In Chennai

Street Food Festival In Chennai

The Chennai Food Guide and the Food Consulate of Chennai hosted the Street Food Festival 2016 on February 13th and 14th. This festival was eagerly looked forward  to by many as there were huge promotions on their facebook pages. Being a huge foodie myself there was no way I was going to miss the event. The timing for the food festival was from 4pm to 7pm on both the days. I didn’t want to reach late and end up with no food, so I made sure I was at the venue by 4.15 pm.

Street Food Festival In Chennai
The Overwhelming Crowd!

The venue was a closed one and pretty small with 15 stalls arranged numerically one next to the other with no gap in between two stalls. It was too small to accommodate the hundreds of people who were just crowding in. Within minutes, the place was just overflowing with hungry people leaving no place for me to move by even an inch. There were no proper ventilation provided and people were profusely sweating and gasping for breath inside.

Street Food Festival In Chennai
Atho in the making

Coming to the food, I personally wanted to try the Burmese street food – Atho. It was made up of soft and thick noodles, shredded cabbage, masalas and was served cold. It was available in three types – Vegetarian Atho, Egg Atho and Chicken Atho. Most of the crowd was drawn towards the kebabs and biryanis. Sadly, the only kebabs available were mild spicy and spicy chicken kebabs leaving no options for the vegetarians but to move away from that stall. Many people were attracted to Freezing Point where, you get cold stone ice creams made with the ice cream, sauces and toppings of your choice. For the soda lovers, there was goli soda available for a whopping 50 bucks. There was not even a single stall were you wouldn’t find people crowding around. People came together as groups and in spite of the huge crowd; they managed to grab their favorite foods and have a great time. I was surprised to see my junior college mates at the venue, giving me an opportunity to catch up with them over food.

Street Food Festival In Chennai

The Street Food Festival had everything from beverages like coffee, a variety of wraps, sandwiches, fresh juices, appam, biryani, jalebis, samosas, beetroot cutlets, kebabs, momos, athos and so on. All the food items were moderately priced and there was no entry fee.

Street Food Festival In Chennai

To conclude, the Street Food Festival was a huge success and many more street food festivals should be organized for street food lovers like us. My only suggestion would be to organize the forthcoming street food events at a larger venue to accommodate more hungry souls!

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